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ULN Dispatch – 05.06.2015

– The ULN Show returned on Tuesday with the 2015 Playoff Edition. Go watch it now to get caught up on all the postseason banter.
– Also, Tim Haslam and Dan Matthews recorded the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Spotlight last night and previewed the playoffs. Listen to it here.
High School

– The playoffs have begun! The Class B boys kicked off the postseason yesterday with their first round. Here are the results:
– No. 1 Copper Hills v. No. 16 Timpview – Copper Hills wins 18-4 | Instagram | The game was close through the first half but the Grizzlies pulled away in the second half. The result was disappointing for the Thunderbirds, but this season was their first winning season since winning the D-II title in 2007 which should bode well for the future of Timpview lacrosse.
– No. 2 Syracuse v. No. 15 Riverton – Syracuse wins 16-7.
– No. 3 Herriman v. No. 14 Northridge – Herriman wins 11-8. The Knights were led by River Schenck who had 3 goals and 2 assists.
– No. 4 Highland v. No. 13 Viewmont – Highland wins 15-14. The Vikings made a late game comeback but the Rams withstood the pressure and picked up their first playoff win since 2010. The Rams were led by Carter Robinson who had 6 goals and 1 assist. Viewmont was led by Caleb Grayston who had 6 goals.
– No. 5 Bonneville v. No. 12 Weber – Bonneville wins 12-8.
– No. 6 Logan v. No. 11 Lehi – Logan wins 17-14. Brandon Dodd had 8 goals and 1 assist to lead the Grizzlies.
– No. 7 Alta v. No. 10 Fremont – Fremont wins 13-12.
– No. 8 East v. No. 9 Roy – East wins 6-5, OT. The Lepoards needed overtime to get past Roy. Jake Parkin scored the game-winning goal. Parkin and Andrew Wilkinson each had 2 goals to lead East. Mikey Vetter went 9 of 12 at X for the Leopards and goalie Kort Johnson had 13 saves on 18 shots (72.22%)
– The Class A & C divisions will begin today. Check out the 2015 Playoff page for game times and more information.
– The Girls D-II All-State & All-Conference Teams were announced.
– There is still time to enter the Bracket challenge for Class A, C and both Girls brackets.
– The Boys U-15 National Team Roster was announced.
– Congrats to Connor Boss (Lehi) and Savannah Ernst (American Fork) for winning the Storm Lacrosse Player of the Week award for week 9.
– Have old gear lying around? Buy, Sell, or Trade it in the ULN Classifieds!
– Three Utah teams will represent the Beehive state in Southern California next week for the MCLA National Tournament. In D-II, BYU earned the #5 seed and will take on #12 Stanford. Westminster was given the #6 seed and will face #11 Georgia Tech. In D-II, Utah State (#15) will take on St. Thomas (#2)
– The MCLA games next week will be streamed via the website. Bookmark this page to watch the games.
The Ute Women’s lacrosse team is headed to Virginia Beach, Virginia for the WCLA National Tournament. Schedule:
Thursday, May 7
10:00 am – No. 2 Utah v. No. 7 St. Benedict
1:30pm – No. 2 Utah v. No. 11 Vermont
The D-II Tournament begins with pool play so the Utes will need to win both games in order to advance.
Steve Nelson and Tim Haslam were in Denver last Sunday for the Denver Outlaws v. Charlotte Hounds MLL game. Read the recap here and the game day experience here.
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  1. I listened to your podcast this morning thinking you would have the opportunity to talk about all of the teams taking part in the playoffs. Lacrosse people always talk about “growing the game.” Anyone listening would think that Utah has 5 maybe 6 teams. Way to grow the sport! There are so many good stories about these play offs. New programs, small programs, teams getting a chance to play in a play off game. You decided to blow that chance and concentrate on 3 teams. We all know they are great teams. No one would say otherwise. But, to have you and your co-host laugh and say we don’t want to talk about those teams in Division B or something like that was disheartening. If that is how you feel about Utah Lacrosse, it will never get any better. You think other states blow off lower division playoffs? How do you build excitement for a sport when you care about 3 teams. I hoped for better.

    1. First off, let me thank you for listening. Before I go on, maybe some background of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Spotlight will help set the foundation. The show is hosted by Dan Matthews who is Denver. I’m the ‘co-host’ but really that means I’m just a regular guest. I don’t come up with the script, Dan does. It’s also a reality that Colorado lacrosse is ahead of Utah lacrosse on the field, so in order to appeal to the widest array of listeners across the country, it makes sense to talk more about Colorado lacrosse in the short 27 minutes we have to record the show. If you look on a country wide scale, Utah does only have 3 teams that can compete nationally. It’s not a secret. If you’re looking for a show dedicated just to Utah, go watch the ULN Show with myself and Fish Bartlett. We talked about every classification and girls playoffs too.
      If you’re going to criticize me for not growing the game, I would invite you to create a website/business from scratch and devote 20+ hours per week during the season on top of day job, family and community responsibilities… and do it for a free tank of gas or dinner every once in awhile.
      Were you at a Class B game yesterday? Are you going to a game today? Will you be at the Girls D-II games on Thursday? Will you be at the Girls D-I games or boys Class B on Friday? Are you going to spend Saturday at 2 or more games? Will you write my article for the Des News on Sunday? Will you be at games all next week? Are you going to be at Corner Canyon on May 16 for 12+ hours when you should be taking your wife out for dinner for your wedding anniversary? If so, I need help writing recaps and taking pictures so come find me.

      1. I know how much you do and appreciate it. That is your choice. We all are trying to grow the game in our own way. I spent my anniversary traveling to Logan to do stats for our game. Our dinner was Wendy’s with 6 people. We all have our demons. I just thought you could have talked about the good things going on in the state. If you didn’t have the option, that explains it. If we want more than 3 good teams in the state, we need to recognize more teams. And I mean all of us. Not just you. And there is no comparison between your website and ULA site.

        1. If we want to grow the game we need more people willing to do things that don’t benefit only their kids team and that benefit the sport as a whole. I did talk about the good things going on in the state: we finally have teams that can compete nationally. If more then 3 teams want recognition, they have to earn it. If we believe the laxpower system accurately ranks teams, Skyline is the No. 4 team in the state. They were outscored 39-18 by Brighton, PC and CC. Essentially they were doubled up by the Top 3. The next best team, Olympus, got beat 12-5 by CC and 10-4 by Brighton. Have we come a long way in the last 20 years? Absolutely, but we still have a long way to go.

  2. Tim,
    I greatly appreciate this website as there is no doubt, its a much better conveyor of information than is the site which is only good for scores, stats, and schedules.
    That being said are you looking for people to contribute thru written articles? I follow the girls game, D1, fairly closely as my daughter plays for Skyline. Would you be looking for articles in that arena?
    Thank you,

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