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ULN Show – Episode 8: MCLA/WCLA Recaps, UHSLL & ULA Season Previews and More

Join hosts Tim Haslam and Fish Bartlett as they discuss the MCLA and WCLA seasons so far, look ahead to the UHSLL and ULA seasons, Gathering of the Tribes, miscellanous lacrosse news, the Epoch Otter Mesh Giveaway and a special discount at Tribal West for ULN fans.

1:00 – MCLA/WCLA Recaps/Previews
6:33 – Flathead Shafts
7:30 – Best of the West
9:38 – UHSLL Team Previews
15:30 – Western Lacrosse Scout
15:52 – ULA Boys D-II Team Previews
19:45 – ULA Girls D-I Team Previews
23:45 – Gathering of the Tribes
24:30 – Misc. lacrosse news
29:48 – Epoch Otter Mesh Giveaway
31:43 – Special Discount at Tribal West for ULN fans. Be sure to listen to what to say when you make a purchase.

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