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Under The Helmet: Bountiful Braves Attackmen Jack Fabrizio

Bountiful Braves Attackmen Jack Fabrizio
Bountiful Braves Attackmen Jack Fabrizio
Although the Braves didn’t advance in the playoffs last week, we still caught up with 2012 All-State First Team Attackmen Jack Fabrizio. Fabrizio’s favorite lacrosse moment happened when he was a freshmen and got to play in the State Championship game with his older brother. “That meant a lot to me and I believe it really made my lacrosse career excel,” said Fabrizio. Fabrizio started playing lacrosse in the Seventh Grade because of the same older brother.
Utah Lacrosse News: What is your current stick of choice?
Jack Fabrizio: A Carolina Blue STX Super Power and and a Maverik Pheonix shaft.  Shout out to my boy Brad for stringing it for me.
ULN: What is your favorite pre-game ritual?
JF: I listen to my iPod before the game to pump me up. And also we have a prayer as a team before every game.
ULN: Besides your own home field, what is your favorite field to play lacrosse on?
JF: BYU. I love the turf and I’ll be playing there in college so I love that field.
ULN: How/Why did you pick your jersey number?
JF: No. 1 is a sick number and the jersey I had last year was too small and this one is bigger and fits me better.
ULN: What Hollywood star would play you in a movie about your life?
JF: Brad Pitt.
ULN: What movie could you watch 1,000 times and not get sick of it?
JF: Dumb and Dumber…. Lloyd and Harry are the best!
ULN: If you could only take 3 items with you to a deserted island for the rest of your life, what items would they be and why?
JF: Probably my Gameboy with Pokemon Fire Red, and my iPod and I would be set for life!
ULN: Best Beach Spot? Hawaii, California or Mexico?
JF: Mmmm… California, Beautiful!
ULN: What is your favorite fast food?
JF: Carl’s Jr. I can never get to many spicy chickens.
ULN: Coke or Pepsi?
JF: I’d rather have a Mtn. Dew, but if I had to choose I’d have to say Pepsi.
ULN: M&M’s or Skittles?
JF: Skittles! I love tasting the rainbow.
ULN: Beach or mountains?
JF: Beach all day everyday
ULN: Favorite pizza place?
JF: The Pie. Best pizza in the world
Thanks Jack! Best of luck after high school on your LDS mission and later at BYU.
Bountiful Braves Attackmen Jack Fabrizio
Bountiful Braves Attackmen Jack Fabrizio

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