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Under The Helmet: Logan Grizzlies Defender Jacoby Wildman

Tribal WestThe latest piece in the Under The Helmet series, presented by Tribal West Lacrosse, comes from Jacoby Wildman who plays defense for the Logan Grizzlies. Wildman played baseball growing up, realized it ‘sucked’ and wanted to play a physical sport so he started playing lacrosse in 6th grade. When not playing lacrosse, Wildman studies, plays Pokémon, chills with his friends and swims at First Dam which is a small pond on the Logan River. Wildman is also the 2013 Utah State Champion in Wrestling in the 285 lb. weight class and has committed to play football at Utah State after serving an LDS mission.
Andrew Redfern: You are the 285lb Utah wrestling champion, a Utah State football recruit, and a great defenseman for Logan High School, how do you manage athletics and academics?
Jacoby Wildman: Well I think that instead of athletics making my grades worse they have made them better. Sports really build character they have helped me become more dedicated to sports.  I have this system where I go out and practice football/lacrosse for an hour then I come back in and study for an hour.
AR: How has lacrosse helped you in football and wrestling, and vice versa?
JW: I think that all the sports I play help one another for example football has taught me how to hit which I love to do. Lax has helped build my agility and speed for the other sports. Wrestling has built my endurance, my drive to win and my balance. Football has built my explosion and coordination.

Jacoby Wildman - Logan Lacrosse
c/o Rick Parker
AR: How does it feel being a state champion and a football recruit?
JW: I never ever in a million years would see me where I am today, I feel blessed. I feel so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by people who love me and support me.
AR: I hear you work with children with disabilities, what do you do with those kids and why did you start doing such a kind thing?
JW: I started teaching them in seminary they make everything so simple and I love those kids to death. I know teach them for one of my class hours which I love.
AR: Who would you say your biggest role model is?
JW: My Dad. I want be exactly like him.
AR: Do you have any fears?
JW: My main fear is failure, and also giving up. I really hate spiders and I find them in my room all the time which sucks.
AR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
JW: I am going on a full-time LDS mission on July 17 I am headed to the Mexico City MTC then I am headed to Houston, Texas for 2 years. Then I see myself playing football at Utah State University for 4 years on a full ride scholarship. I see myself in 10 years married with a couple kids and playing in the NFL.
AR: Describe your favorite lacrosse memory.
JW: My 8th grade year my team went undefeated, and when I first scored with my d-pole.
AR: What is your current stick of choice?
JW: STX all the way
AR: Do you have a pre-game ritual?
JW: I drink a sour melon green power aid. It has to be green
AR: What is your driving force when you take the field?
JW: I love to compete and win, I will never back down from a challenge. I love sports
AR: What has been your biggest improvement this year on and off the field?
JW: My stick checks have really come along
Thanks Jacoby! Best of luck the rest of the season and through your endeavors after high school.

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