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Under The Helmet: Park City Midfielder Christian Pompoco

Tribal WestIn this installment of Under the Helmet, presented by Tribal West Lacrosse, we talked with Park City Midfielder Christian Pompoco. Christian has 28 goals and 11 assists, helping the Miners to a 7-3 record.
Utah Lacrosse News: Describe your favorite lacrosse memory.
Christian Pompoco: My favorite lacrosse memory is when I attended the sandstorm shootout in Indio, California with Brady’s Bunch. It wasn’t my first tournament with Bunch, and it wasn’t the sick camo or the high level of play that made it such a great experience. It was my teammates and coaches that I played with, and the good vibes that I felt on and off the field. Everyone always says that Brady’s Bunch is more then a team, we’re a family. And that was exactly how I felt.
ULN: When/Where/Why did you first start playing lacrosse?
CP: I first started playing lacrosse in 8th grade in my hometown of Huntington Beach, California. The only reason I started playing lacrosse was because all my friends started to pick up the sport and I didn’t want to be left out. I guess the sport just grew on me.

Park City Midfielder Christian Pompoco
Park City Midfielder Christian Pompoco
ULN: What is your current stick of choice?
CP: My current game stick is a Easton stealth shaft, with a proton power head with 2 shooters and a lot of whip.
ULN: What is your favorite pre-game ritual?
CP: Usually before I play in a game, I say a short prayer asking God for a good game. I also try to get a song stuck in my head with a good beat to play to.
ULN: Besides your own home field, what is your favorite field to play lacrosse on?
CP: I like playing on Brighton’s field a lot because its grass, and I like how it overlooks the valley.
ULN: How/Why did you pick your jersey number?
CP: I wear #23 because last year one of my favorite seniors, Adam Klawe, wore it and he passed the number down to me at the end of last years season when he graduated.
ULN: Who is on your iPod these days?
CP: Kendrick Lamar
ULN: What is your favorite, can’t miss TV show at the moment?
CP: Workaholics
ULN: Best Beach Spot? Hawaii, California or Mexico?
CP: California
ULN: What is your favorite fast food?
CP: In & Out
ULN: What are your post high school plans?
CP: I want to play lacrosse in college and then go into the medical field.
ULN: Coke or Pepsi?
CP: Coke
ULN: M&M’s or Skittles?
CP: Skittles
ULN: Brine, STX, Warrior, Maverik, or another brand?
ULN: Cats or Dogs?
CP: Dogs
ULN: Beach or mountains?
CP: Beach
ULN: Favorite pizza place?
CP: Davanzas in Park City
Good luck with the rest of your season Christian!

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