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Unselfish Play Gives Pleasant Grove the 15-8 Win Over Copper Hills

The Vikings of Pleasant Grove (6-5) traveled to West Jordan tonight to take on the Copper Hills Grizzlies (1-3) in their den. Pleasant Grove came out ready to play and it showed on the scoreboard. The Grizzlies began to find their game in the second half, but were not able to overcome the lead that the Vikings had created. Pleasant Grove came out on top, winning 15-8.
As the first quarter commenced, Copper Hills took control of the ball. Within the opening minutes, they had scored the first goal of the game. The Vikings dominated possession of the ball through the rest of the quarter. Thanks to some excellent ball movement, they were able to score five straight goals to finish the first.
The Grizzlies again opened the quarter with a goal. Pleasant Grove continued to play the same game they had played in the first. They were moving the ball, beating the defense and making smart shots. They scored six more goals. By the end of the half, they had taken over 30 shots.
“We came and we wanted to start the game fast,” commented Vikings Offensive Coordinator Jacob Houghton. “We wanted to start the game in our style and I think we did that. We set the tone the way we wanted to play the game.”
With the score at 11-2, it was looking like this was going to be a near blowout. Copper Hills had other plans. Despite beginning the quarter with a delay-of-game call, the Grizzlies had returned to the field with a new resolve. Their defense had stepped up significantly.
The real story, however, was their new offensive game. It was clear that Copper Hills’ game plan was “”hoot, shoot and shot some more.” They went from four shots in the second quarter to 14 in the third. It paid off too. They scored four more points in the quarter, tripling their score. The quarter ended with Pleasant Grove up 13-6.
With a way yet to go to reach the Vikings, the Grizzlies continued to fight. At this point in the game, play was fairly evenly matched for both teams on both sides of the field. Copper Hills thought that they could take the game back, but Pleasant Grove wasn’t having it. This frustrated the Grizzlies a bit which only made them play more physically.
Both teams scored two goals in the fourth quarter, putting the total at 15-8. Pleasant Grove showed their ability to control the ball and create plays. Copper Hills had shown that they would never give up and that they knew how to fight when they needed to.
Much of what they Grizzlies were able to accomplish was a result of attackmen Samuel Taylor’s excellent play. Taylor scored four of the team’s eight goals and picked up two assists along the way. His last goal of the game came when he snagged a pass to the goalie on a ride, leaving him with an open goal, uncontested.
“A lot of what we have been trying to do on offense,” said Houghton, “is getting more people involved and trying to get different people scoring goals. Today we were able to do that. Overall we were able to get everyone involved and that made it harder on their defense; they couldn’t lock off one guy.”
The Vikings award for play maker of the game would definitely go to midfielder Chad Madsen who scored three goals. What was possibly more impressive was that he gave out five assists as well. Attackmen Spencer Merrifield racked up four goals and one assist, while attackmen Russell Anderson scored one goal and dished out four assists. Attackmen Samuel Anderson also scored four goals for the Vikings.
Despite excellent play, coach Houghton talked about a few things the team could still work on.
“We still need to work on not losing our guy on defense, simple things like that. We need to shoot a little bit more consistently. We had some good shots, but we didn’t cage them,” said Houghton.
Copper Hills moves on to play Park City (2-1) on Thursday. Pleasant Grove will have a couple weeks off to get ready for their next game against Davis on April 10th.

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