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Power Rankings: Girls High School — Week 8

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This week’s Utah Girls High School Power Rankings has Herriman at No. 2 and American Fork at No. 3 in advance of tonight’s showdown against each other for the second seed in the playoffs. See where your team ranks.

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NOTE: To avoid any confusion, this week’s Power Rankings will be based on each team’s Rating Percentage Index (RPI) which will be used for playoff rankings.  In the Girls High School League, teams 1-12 will be in the Division I playoffs, teams 13-24 will be in Division II playoffs, teams 25-33 do not qualify for the playoffs.  (SOS=Strength of Schedule)

  1. (SOS-2) Park City (11-0) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 vs Jordan.  Park City will finish up their season tonight vs Jordan and will look to wrap up an undefeated season and the No. 1 seed in the playoffs earning them a first-round bye. So far the clear No. 1 in our Power Rankings
  2. (SOS-8) Herriman (10-1) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 at American Fork.  Both Herriman and American fork’s only loss of the season has come by the hands of Park City.  These two teams will battle it out for the No. 2 seed in their final game of the season and likely the second spot in our Power Rankings.
  3. (SOS-13) American Fork (10-1) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 vs Herriman. The #2 seed is up for grabs as American Fork looks to take over Herriman’s No. 2 spot.
  4. (SOS 7) Waterford (8-2) – Remaining Game(s):  5/2 at Fremont, 5/3 vs Lehi.  Waterford is trying to hold on to the #4 seed and a first round bye and should do so with two more wins this week. 
  5. (SOS-14) Riverton (8-1) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 vs Copper Hills, 5/2 at Jordan, 5/3 vs Alta.  Riverton is ranked 5th despite defeating #4 Waterford 13-12 in overtime.  Riverton hopes that 3 wins this week will be enough to overtake the #4 spot in the playoffs and earn them a first round bye. 
  6. (SOS 10) Viewmont (7-3) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 vs Davis, 5/2 at Judge Memorial.  If things remain as they are, Viewmont will host Lone Peak in the first round of the playoffs in what will be a rematch of their April 15th game in which Viewmont won 16-9.
  7. (SOS 4) Olympus (7-5) – Remaining Game(s):  None.  If things hold as they are, Olympus will host Brighton in the first round.  This would be a favorable matchup for the Titans as they defeated Brighton 20-8 on April 11th.
  8. (SOS-3) Bingham (5-4) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 at West Jordan, 5/1 at Weber, 5/3 at Lone Peak.  Bingham hopes that they can move up in the rankings with a solid last week of the season.  As it stands now, Bingham will play Alta in the first round in a rematch of their April 11th matchup in which Bingham won 6-4.
  9. (SOS-5) Alta (6-4) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 vs Lone Peak, 5/3 vs Riverton.  Alta finishes the season with two tough games which will greatly affect their standings.  Depending on the outcome of their games, Alta can move up or down 2 or 3 spots in the playoffs.
  10. (SOS-16) Brighton (7-4) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 @ Juan Diego.  Brighton is hoping to move up in the power rankings and avoid a rematch vs Olympus.  The best case scenario for the Bengals would be to move into an 8 vs 9 matchup vs Alta.  Brighton lost to Alta 10-9 pm April 15th and would love to try to avenge that lose.
  11. (SOS 9) Lone Peak (5-5) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 at Alta, 5/3 vs Bingham.  Lone Peak has been one of the marquee teams in the league the past few years, but they are having a mediocre year based on their recent standards.  Finding a way to win their last two games can go a long way for the Knights. If Lone Peak loses their remaining games, they stand a chance of being knocked out of the DI playoffs completely.
  12. (SOS-26) Timpview (8-3) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 at Wasatch.  Timpview has had a fantastic year and is on the verge of making it into the DI playoffs.  Timpview hopes that a win over Wasatch will be enough to hold off a few surging teams from overtaking them for the #12 seed in Division I.
  13. (SOS-12) Juan Diego (6-5) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 vs Brighton.  Juan Diego hopes that a big win over Brighton can propel them into Division I.  If not, the Soring Eagles will look to make noise in the DII playoffs after a first round bye.
  14. (SOS-15) Skyline (6-5) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 vs Jordan.  Skyline still has an outside chance of moving up into the DI playoffs with a win over Jordan, but may have to settle for the Division II playoffs.
  15. (SOS-1) Corner Canyon (4-7) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 vs Lehi.  Corner Canyon has had the most difficult schedule in the state.  Despite wins over #11 Lone Peak and close losses to other DI teams, the Chargers most likely will find themselves in the DII playoffs.
  16. (SOS-30) West (8-3) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 vs Fremont.  After winning just 4 games in the previous 3 years, West is having a fantastic year picking up 8 wins so far this season.  However, West has one of the weakest strengths of schedule with their best win over #25 Timpanogos. As things stand now, the Panthers are looking for a first round bye in the DII playoffs. 
  17. (SOS-21) Pleasant Grove (6-5) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 at Copper Hills.  Pleasant Grove hopes to move up a spot in the playoffs and earn a first round by.  A win over Copper Hills might be just enough to do so.
  18. (SOS 22) Lehi (6-4) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 at Corner Canyon, 5/3 at Waterford.  Lehi has a difficult remaining schedule. Lehi can move up or down a few spots depending on how their last two games play out.  As of right now, Lehi would be playing West Jordan in a first round match up.
  19. (SOS-32) Fremont (6-3) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 at West, 5/2 vs Waterford, 5/3 at Weber.  Fremont is another team that can move up or down in the playoffs depending on how their last week plays out.  Regardless of their last week, Fremont has had a great inaugural season. As of now, this first year team would host Davis in the first round.
  20. (SOS-19) Weber (4-5) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 at Bingham, 5/3 vs Fremont, 5/4 at Jordan.  Weber hopes to pick up another win or two this season and move up in the Power Rankings. As of now, Weber would host Copper Hills in the first round of the playoffs.
  21. (SOS-10) Copper Hills (3-7) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 vs Pleasant Grove, 5/1 at Riverton.  Copper Hills finishes out the season with a couple of difficult games.  As of now, Copper Hills would play Weber in the first round, but things can change depending on how the week plays out.
  22. (SOS 18) Davis (4-7) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 at Viewmont.  Davis was last year’s runner up in the DII playoffs.  Davis hopes to catch fire again this year, but it will be a tough road back to the championship game.  As it stands now, Davis would play at Fremont in a first round matchup.
  23. (SOS-20) West Jordan (4-7) – Remaining Game(s): 4/30 at Bingham.  West Jordan hopes to hang on to one of the last spots in the DII playoffs.  As it stands now, West Jordan would be matched up against Lehi in the first round.
  24. ( SOS-5) Jordan (2-6) – Remaining Game(s):  4/30 at Park City, 5/1 at Skyline, 5/2 vs Riverton, 5/4 vs Weber. Jordan seemed to get all the bad luck as far as weather this season and has had to have a number of their games postponed.  Jordan is a decent team who has had one of the most difficult strengths of schedule. With a win or two this week, Jordan can shoot up the standings and find a more favorable playoff matchup.  However, Jordan also stands a chance of falling out of the playoffs completely.
  25. (SOS 24) Timpanogos (4-8) – Remaining Game(s):  None.  Timpanogos is just on the outside of the DII playoffs looking in.  With no more remaining games, Timpanogos can just hope that one of the teams above them will fall out of the playoffs. 
  26. (SOS-25) Roy (4-8) – Remaining Game(s):  None.  Roy is in the same spot as Timpanogos.  Although it is possible to leap frog a team despite not playing a game, it is not likely that Roy will make the playoffs this year.
  27. (SOS-33) Sky View (5-6) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 at Mountain Crest.  Sky View has improved from zero wins in 2017, to one win last year, to 5 wins this year and hoping for a 6th.  However, likely because of their league worst strength of schedule, the Bobcats don’t appear to be making the playoffs this year.
  28. (SOS-27) Wasatch (4-7) – Remaining Game(s): 5/1 vs Timpview.  Wasatch will wrap up their season on Wednesday as they host Timpview.  Win or lose, Wasatch can feel good about their season as they picked up some quality wins that will give their team something to build on.
  29. (SOS-28) Judge Memorial (3-7) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 at Ridgeline, 5/2 vs Viewmont.  Judge has 3 wins on the season and is looking to pick up at least one more.  After only winning two games last year, Judge has already surpassed their 2018 win total.
  30. (SOS-23) Mountain Crest (2-9) – Remaining Game(s): 5/1 vs Sky View.  Mountain Crest will finish their season playing their rivals Sky View.  With a win, Mountain Crest would match their 2018 win total.
  31. (SOS-29) Box Elder (1-11) – Remaining Game(s): None.  Box Elder showed tremendous effort this year.  Despite their modest record, Box Elder was in quite a few games until the end. 
  32. (SOS-17) Woods Cross (0-11)  – Remaining Game(s):  5/3 at Ridgeline.  Woods Cross and Ridgeline will battle it out on Friday for one of the two programs only wins on the season.  I expect both teams to give it everything they have with an allusive first win on the line.
  33. (SOS-31) Ridgeline (0-10) – Remaining Game(s):  5/1 vs Judge Memorial, 5/3 vs Woods Cross.  Ridgeline has two more chances to pick up their first win of the season and only the 2nd win of the programs 2 year history.  If Ridgeline is not able to defeat Judge on Wednesday, the Friday game vs Woods Cross will determine which of the two clubs will pick up their first win and which will remain winless.

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Stat of the Week –64% save percentage for American Fork’s Sierra Savage.  After having a subpar game against Corner Canyon, Savage came up huge for American Fork in their 12-8 win over Viewmont last Wednesday.  Viewmont actually had more shots on goal, but it was Savage’s defense that made the difference. Savage had 14 saves on 22 shots on goal.  

Team of the Week – Timpview.  Going 2-0 last week, Timpview moved all the way from 16th to 12th in the RPI rankings.  If Timpview can hold on to that ranking, they will play in the DI playoffs for the first time in program history.  Leading the way for Timpview is Olivia Gallman who had 14 goals, 4 assists and 11 ground balls last week.


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