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The Utah High School Lacrosse League Announces North and South All-Conference Teams

For Immediate Release – Utah High School Lacrosse League
UHSLL LogoSalt Lake City, May 3, 2014 – The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) today announced the All-Conference Teams. We congratulate all these players, their teams and coaches.
UHSLL 2014 All-Conference Teams
North Conference (listed alphabetically)

First Team
Jace Babka – Jordan
Bubba Fairman – Brighton
Chandler Wescott – Bountiful
Luke Fairman – Brighton
Bridger Fisher – Olympus
Ryan Fogarty – Brighton
Brody Bolerjack – Brighton
Nathan Kenney – Brighton
Bryson Taylor – Brighton
Face-off Specialist
Jace Thomas – Bountiful
Defensive Specialist
Dylan Pearmain – Brighton
Long Stick Middie
Nick Carrigan – Brighton
Dalon Hampshire – Bountiful
Second Team
Michael Cheney – Bountiful
Brock Jeppesen – Bountiful
Grant Pierce – Brighton
Connor Clay – Viewmont
James Clayton – Bountiful
Ashton Schmidt – Brighton
Parker Handley – Viewmont
Andrew McGavin – Olympus
Brian Taylor – Bountiful
Face-off Specialist
Logan Lund – Brighton
Defensive Specialist
Mitch Head – Jordan
Long Stick Middie
Tucker Gamble – Viewmont
Quinton Mathie – Brighton

Honorable Mention
Brad Anderson – Middie – Jordan
Kyle Higgins – Attack – Viewmont
Josh Homer – Face-off Specialist – Olympus
South Conference (listed alphabetically)

First Team
Josh McNall– Alta
Chandler Stranc – Corner Canyon
Harry Waddoups – Corner Canyon
Chase Oviatt – Alta
Casey Rose – Corner Canyon
Tanner Sheide – Lone Peak
Jared Kotter – Spanish Fork
Garrett Michaeli – Corner Canyon
Mason Tincher – Lone Peak
Face-off Specialist
Zack Frankowiak –Corner Canyon
Defensive Specialist
Tanner Smith – Lone Peak
Long Stick Middie
Zack Burbidge – Pleasant Grove
Kade Arbon – Corner Canyon
Second Team
Russell Anderson – Pleasant Grove
Mitch Decker – Lone Peak
Josh Stout – Lone Peak
McKay Daniels – Pleasant Grove
Payton Kimber – Spanish Fork
Jake Pace – Lone Peak
Mason Barnhill – Corner Canyon
Jeff Hurst – Pleasant Grove
Sam Pugh – Alta
Face-off Specialist
Ryan Robley – Pleasant Grove
Defensive Specialist
Jon Rees – Timpanogos
Long Stick Middie
Garrett Bullett – Corner Canyon
Kassin Jackson – Pleasant Grove

Honorable Mention
Morgan Dunn – Goalie – Spanish Fork
Matt Hunter – Middie – Alta
Bryce Kimber – Defense – Spanish Fork
About the UHSLL
The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) was organized to create a self-governed high school lacrosse league. Each program is independently organized and run. Programs collectively have organized a cooperative that provides structure to compete in high school level athletics. We follow all rules of play as stipulated by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). The Utah High School Lacrosse League (UHSLL) is a private corporation formed under the laws of the State of Utah.

  1. Surprised to see the south’s No. 2 team represented by so few players on this list.

  2. I’m surprised to see some of these players listed at all on these teams. It would appear the coaches politics are alive and well. Just get your favorites in and ignore the all around better player? Brilliant move.

    1. Who are some of the players that you feel were overlooked and should have been recognized on these all-conf teams?

      1. I think there are some obvious 2nd teamers that should be 1st. Not fair to the kids to name them but if you have watched at all, you can see the coaches back room deals.

        1. Coaches back room deals come on man, maybe they miss a player or two but why wouldn’t a coach want all his guys to get the top. Fact is this has never been a perfect system nor will it be. Sometimes these coaches just don’t have a clue on a kid so they go with what they know.

          1. Please see Stephen Dunns comment above. That is unbelievable that he is 2nd team. You think deals aren’t made to get their kids in there? Get a clue.

          2. Why aren’t you putting a stink up about Grant Pierce he is a DI guy heading to Furman after this year. He is second team shouldn’t he be 1st team he is a D1 athlete. My guess is he has rubbed some people the wrong way with his transfer and so doesn’t have the fan fare of Bullet and so you wont argue for him. Bullet is a great player there is no doubt and more important to his team I would suspect that Pierce but as my comment stated this is not a perfect system and some kids get missed. I have never had the chance to watch Burbidge so I can’t speak to who is better, but I think you should give the coaches some credit they hate this process more than the fans do.

          3. I agree as well on Peirce. Although he shouldn’t have been allowed to transfer to an already stacked program just to win a Championship. But he should be 1st team.

          4. If you put Pierce 1st Team Attack who are you going to take off? and don’t tell me Fairman, he is the best player on the best team.

          5. I enjoy a good dialogue as much as the next. But its a shame to see such irrational comments. I personally took part in the award process, and am offended that anyone would claim there are “under the table deals” going on. The system is not perfect, but the process was conducted as professional as possible. Whether people received or didn’t receive awards that didn’t/did reflect their talents will always be an ongoing challenge with everything in every sport. Its even more sad when fans/parents/followers such as the above comments start calling out certain players (by name) by discrediting who should or shouldn’t receive awards. Its unfair to diminish any award these hard working players have put in. In short, the system isn’t perfect, but there is a ton of well deserved talent here in Utah which is awesome, and thus should cause heated dialogue and arguments. But its wrong to call players out by name and tell them they didn’t deserve a particular award.

          6. Be offended. But you should still expect people are going to question some obvious screw ups.

          7. I absolutely respect people (and yourself) questioning the decisions. So no hard feeling there. I just don’t like false accusations of “coaches deals” as reasons for certain decisions. I support possible screw ups or overlooks (hell, we are all human). And lets just try to give respect for those HS players who are on the list. God forbid one of them reads these comments only to realize people are giving them notions that they don’t deserve it.

          8. I don’t think anyone is calling out the players. They are all to be congratulated. I think folks are calling out the coaches.

          9. You guys don’t know anything! Grant lives in Brighton boundaries. He left a private school and returned to his home school where he lives. Nothing more… nothing less. He did not need to even ask anyones permission to “be allowed” to transfer. Any player from any sport, from any school, can do the exact same thing.

          10. Don’t confuse what is ok by the rules with what is right. While they allow it to happen by the rules, most would agree it is a loophole to stack a team. Most people would have a hard time playing for a school for years and then switching jerseys and leaving your teammates to go to another.

          11. There is no loophole. There is no “they” that “allow” it to happen. “Most” would say you talk out of both holes. Your a lost cause 84cougar… with way too much time on your hands. Out!

          12. Grant IS a Judge guy (and a Waterford guy, for that matter, because he was there for 9 years) and unfortunately you simply have no idea of the facts. The decision to leave Judge was a very difficult and painful one for Grant and to have people we don’t even know cast aspersions on my son and a situation they clearly know nothing about is hard. Attack me (on anything), that’s fine, but attack my son, who transferred solely for academic and learning disability-related issues as connected to his D1 lacrosse scholarship conditions, well that seems to lack dignity.
            The fact is, I don’t begrudge any player any accolade. For the vast majority of these players on the conference and state list this may be a significant highlight of their playing career and they should celebrate their accomplishments, as should all of us. I’m Grant’s mom so of course I think he should have been acknowledged, but quite truthfully I knew with 100% certainty that he would not be so it’s just not a big deal for us. A HOF, Team USA, Division 1 coach (along with all the other collegiate coaches we were dealing with) thinks he has talent and potential; that’s good enough for me.

          13. (Just to clarify, I was NOT saying you lacked dignity. I was referring to the aspersions being cast on my son by people who do not know the details.)

          14. Ask Eric Mika about sitting out his Junior year of basketball when he transferred from private school (Waterford) to his home school (Lone Peak). No other sports will allow a transfer with any penalty.

          15. Please allow me, as Grant’s mother, to once and for all put an end to the discussion about Grant’s transferring to Brighton. Grant weighed over a dozen offers for college and ultimately decided on Coach Meade (amazing man and coach) and Furman University. One of the expectations of his lacrosse scholarship was that he maintain a high GPA. Grant has 4 learning disabilities, one of which is severe dyslexia, and after meeting with the principal at Judge Memorial (another wonderful man), it was decided that as difficult as it was going to be to leave Judge his senior year that Grant should transfer to public school to take advantage of the better-funded LD support system and resources. I had a conversation with Coach Meade and told him about Grant’s decision to move to public because of his scholarship conditions, that he had decided to leave all of his friends (and close teammates) and that there was a chance that the ULA may not approve his transfer and he would not be able to play his senior year. (Eric Mika and Grant have grown up together and are very good friends, btw.) coach Meade said he was making the right academic decision and that he would support Grant’s decision.
            At no time was this about Utah lacrosse because that is a joke. This boy earned a Division 1 scholarship, against all odds especially the ones he’s faced non-stop here in Utah. Anyone who thinks he moved to BHS to win a Utah state championship doesn’t know Grant, me or the situation. Grant already won his prize–he is one of the 5 boys who, as a class, are breaking through the Division 1 ceiling for all the other boys to come. THAT was the goal, THAT is the championship and he’s already won.

          16. If I were you I would explain that to the Brighton people. Him transferring to win a championship came from them.

          17. Such a shame because ALL of the boys know the truth because Grant spoke to the team last fall. It was important to him that his teammates knew the reasons that led to coming to BHS. Additionally, Grant has completely focused on feeding his teammates all season long in order to not step on anyone’s stats; he KNOWS this is their team and their season. Most of the Brighton parents have no interest in getting to know me, but the ones I know all know the truth, too. I’m afraid I can’t do anything about the others who choose to speak about things they know nothing about. Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it.

          18. The earlier comment was no knock on Grant, I was addressing Chip’s disregard for or lack of knowledge regarding transfer policies for the lacrosse leagues and UHSAA. It is not a slam dunk that a kid can transfer without penalty. Of course any player can always petition for a hardship, Grant’s circumstances sound to be legit.

          19. I understand, thanks. I probably should have created a new post and said all of that, I get kind of confused by the strings of posts/replies. I was trying to post my comments to everyone so this larger audience of people commenting could know the truth about what Grant’s situation is regarding this whole issue. Thanks for the response. 🙂

          20. Chip, thank you for this post. I don’t know who you are, but I really appreciate your speaking up on Grant’s behalf. Thank you!

          21. Thank you for acknowledging that Grant should have been recognized. I appreciate that and please see below for information regarding his very difficult, and academic-driven, decision to transfer away from his school – Judge Memorial.

          22. Livelovelax – I don’t know who you are, but thank you for being one of the only voices to recognize Grant’s abilities publicly. I appreciated your post.

  3. The King has no Clothes ….. Bullett 2nd team ..this is why Utah lacrosse is not in the USA .

    1. One thing is for sure to happen. Bullet will and should play with a very large chip on his shoulder. Look out for CC they will back him up.

  4. Steve, that is pretty unbelievable. Not quite sure the process of how the votes are counted or cast, but something is seriously broken here.

  5. Until the state has more volunteers to actually go and evaluate games they aren’t coaching/reffing/playing in/have kids playing in, etc, then any type of award system will be flawed. The only way to get rid of it would be to have each team/coach submit their 1,2,3 attackman, 1,2,3 middies, 1,2,3 defenders, 1lsm, 1 goalie, 1 fogo, 1 d-mid but none can be from that coaches team. Have it done online so there isn’t any intimidation in a meeting. Or it’s: here are all the attackman on every team, pick your top 3 with 1,2,3 next to their name, etc. Votes are cast, numbers tallied up. 1-3 are first team, 4-6 are second team. Whoever votes should have some responsibility to actually pick the best players, not just the ones from his team.

  6. Congratulations to all those that received the
    noted accolades. However I’m interested in knowing the analytics behind the
    decisions made; points, forced turn-overs, ground balls, etc., taken into
    account? Or is this solely based on a coaches recommendation? Secondly I think
    you look at a players seniority with a team. If it’s a close race, and one is a
    Sophomore and the other a Senior wouldn’t you want to applaud the efforts of
    the tenured player? There are quite a few comments with regards to Bullett. I do believe he is the first ever full scholarship Division 1 player to leave the state of Utah for lacrosse… but not warranted 1st team. Seems skewed from an outsiders stand point.

    1. I like that idea a lot. I don’t think the coaches should get in a room and discuss/negotiate it for sure. How is All State and honorable mention selected for basketball and football? I doubt the coaches have a meeting and discuss it and negotiate ( go over stats) in behalf of there player. Maybe I’m totally wrong and they do. Like to hear how they do it in other sports. The stats are kept and you can see online anytime you want who did what against who. It shouldn’t be that hard. Also I have to comment on luv lax below on choosing 1st team attack. Comment….”Best Player on Best Team” I wouldn’t take Bubba Fairman ( very, very good player) off 1st team, but I wouldn’t pick him over Chandler Wescott. I’d take that kid every day of the week over Fairman.

      1. Relax – I’ll one up you on my support for Bubba… I’d take that kid (Fairman) every day of the month (year, season, whatever) over Wescott. For one reason, I stand by Bubba is “Best Player on Best Team” and that should account for something. Another reason is what I saw (or didn’t see) when Brighton played Bountiful in the regular season. Brighton DESTROYED Bountiful, I think the final was 17-8 and it wasn’t that close. It had been built up as two of the best teams in the state playing and it turned out more like a Varsity Team taking on a JV team. I know that was just one game (and maybe Bountiful wasn’t on their game for some reason) but that night no one on the Bountiful team looked like an All American. I’ve seen Wescott’s stats (top of the league) and I know he is a very, very good player but I think Bubba should have been one of the All-Americans. I’ll admit I’m a Fairman fan (all 3 of them), hopefully next year Bubba will get his All-American.

        1. I agree with you about the Brighton vs Bountiful game. One thing to point out is that the Brighton attack got to match up against the Bountiful defense, (which is horrible) and the Bountiful attack had to go up against the Brighton 1st team all conference defense and probably the best goalie in the state. That said, Bubba deserved to be an AA.

          1. That’s the rub, though. Bountiful has only played two teams of upper tier quality this season and their high flying offense disappeared in both games (and they lost). To their credit, Brighton has played about as tough a schedule as you can put together in this state. Bubba produced game in and game out. Honestly, except for the small circle of coaches caught in the Bountiful orbit, I don’t think there is anyone else who would question that Bubba is the best player in the state, let alone this league. That said, all of the kids on the list are terrific players and any program would love to have them on their roster.

        2. Luv lax I think that Fairman will be a AA next year. And it’s no slight on him. He’s a great player. He is only going to be a AA if Wescott leaves and doesn’t play his senior year and goes to BYU early like it’s been rumored. The politics suck for him, but I think he certainly would be deserving next year. I think that if Wescott played with as much talent as Fairman has around him he would still be better. Easy to say and impossible to prove.

      2. They do it in other sports by coaches nominating their players and the sports writers voting on those that were given to them. Sometimes there are committees along with those writers.

  7. Congratulations to the boys that made the list. In no way should anyone be called out for making the list. But to not acknowledge the boys that were overlooked or not placed where they should be is to basically ignore the “elephant in the room.” My son has played with many of these boys. He has been to several travel tournaments outside the state. At every tournament he has been to, the two Garretts from Corner Canyon have always been the main event for college coaches. You don’t get to Rutgers or most other D1 schools for being mediocre. There are just too many fantastic East coast players who are socially and economically well connected that normally fill those spots. So when our Utah players get noticed, it means that they really have to be that good. Utah is not the hot spot for Lacrosse. We are working to get there for sure. The boys going to Rutgers, didn’t just have that D1 school knocking on their door. They had 3-5 other D1 options. I don’t want to believe this has anything to do with “You think you’re so great, I’ll show you” attitudes..But this isn’t new, these oversights have been going on for at least 5 years that I know of long before this league was born. It is indicative of the State of Lacrosse in Utah. We seem to be threatened by those who want to take their talent to the next level or two. Coaches like Coach Dunn, Mannix and Horoba have been committed for years to giving kids opportunities to do just that. My oldest son was in junior high when Coach Dunn took his boy, Zach Bullett and a team called the Draper Dogs out of state. They really were trailblazers for the next level of play. It was because of this that Adrenaline and West Coast Stars wanted to know what Utah had to offer. What we do in this state is largely because of what they started 7-8 years ago. We want to go forward not back. Finally, this isn’t a kid issue, it is an adult issue. I believe that all those who volunteer want what is best for the players and this wonderful sport. It isn’t easy to be a coach, but remember it isn’t easy to be a kid either. That is where our own egos and interests must be left at the door. Good luck to all the players as they begin playoffs. Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!!!!

  8. (Mistake number 1: reading these comments while sitting in an airport on a 4-hour layover and thus having way too much time to respond. Haha!!!)

    1. It’s ok. Moms are allowed to be excited. Grant’s an awesome kid. Glad to hear his story. I know my son looks up to him — literally and figuratively!

      1. Thanks, at this point I’m appreciating any nice things that are said about my boy.

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