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Utah Lacrosse Association Announces Boys D-I & D-II All-State, All-American and Other Awards

Utah Lacrosse AssociationThe Utah Lacrosse Association recently released their All-American, All-State and other awards. Ian Kadish took home the Bob Scott Award and Drake Oldham won the Blake Strebel Award. Dan Schmidt (Skyline, D-I) and Jay Meyer (Syracuse, D-II) won the Head Coach of the Year awards. Jay Fairman (Bingham, D-I) and Aaron Quiggle (Sky View, D-II) won the Assistant Coach of the Year awards. Diana Cannell (Sky View) was named the 2014 Person of the Year.
Matthew West – Waterford
Ian Kadish – Skyline
Carter Mannix – Juan Diego
Scott Bronson – Bingham
Connor Meyer – Syracuse
Division I

First Team

Matthew West – Waterford – MVP
Lane Kadish – Skyline
Carson Dutkanych – Park City
Chantz Roberts – Herriman

Ian Kadish – Skyline – MVP
Christian Pompoco – Park City
Ryan Green – Juan Diego
Gabe Rechsteiner – Judge
Carter Mannix – Juan Diego – MVP
Braden Pelly – Judge
Nate Wade – Skyline
Tanner Lambert – Herriman
Face-off Specialist
Jackson Burton – Park City – MVP
Defensive Specialist
Parker Carson – Juan Diego – MVP
Scott Bronson – Bingham – MVP

Second Team

Austin Roberts – Juan Diego
Matt Everton – Herriman
Zac Tueller – Riverton
Kyle Gee – Davis

Luke Pyper – Waterford
Joe Lambert – Bingham
Kason Eggers – Bingham
Braxton Thompson – Herriman
Parker Rose – Davis
Bo Long – Juan Diego
Jake Saenz – Bingham
Jacob Mika – Waterford
Face-off Specialist
Ben Richard – Herriman
Defensive Specialist
Chase Flinders – Park City
Spencer Scovel – Davis

Division II

First Team

Daxton Sloan – Copper Hills – MVP
Austin Croyle – Bonneville
Michael Goldsberry – Fremont
Jackson Andersen – Syracuse

Bryant Cannell – Sky View – MVP
Connor Meyer – Syracuse
Alex Croyle – Bonneville
Mike Anderson – East
Tanner Duryea – Sky View – MVP
Kendall Jackson – Syracuse
Jordan Isrealsen – Sky View
Drew Szabo – American Fork
Face-off Specialist
Connor Meyer – Syracuse – MVP
Defensive Specialist
Derek Marks – Weber – MVP
Phillip Cannell – Sky View – MVP

Second Team

Coulson Tucker – American Fork
Brock Halling – Sky View
Patrick Karner – Weber
Jager Chynoweth – East

Jordan Stark – Syracuse
Jace Miller – American Fork
Samuel Taylor – Copper Hills
Brady Nunelley – West Jordan
Zach Hamel – Bonneville
Scott Park – Copper Hills
Landon Nelson – American Fork
Jaime Gertge – Northridge
Face-off Specialist
Hunter Horsely – Logan
Defensive Specialist
Carter Robinson – Highland
Kort Johnson – East

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! It’s been a great season and Utah Lacrosse keeps improving each year.
    What a travesty that the MVP of the best team in the state is not an AA.
    Does anyone have information on getting Lacrosse sanctioned?

  2. Congratulations to everyone for their awards. May the All Americans take their teams to the championship games and win it all

  3. Tanner duryea is twice the player mannix is… how he got AA over him, or ever his teammate Bo long honestly baffles me. I don’t know the stats… but having actually seen them play I really don’t understand that.

    1. A Division 2 player getting AA? Probably not. You have to look at the level of competition they play against.

      1. so by your logic, byu should just give back their trophy? WAC Champion? Really. The D11 AA you denigrate has an over 80% winning percentage at Face-off and the only face-off spec. to win over 50% on him was another AA from Bountiful. My point is that there are great players at the D11 level. Maybe, instead of dogging an athlete you know nothing about, you should check the stats, or stick to football.

        1. If you want to be an AA, go against the best in Division 1. Is a division 2 football player eligible for the Heisman? You may take it as dogging the athlete but the reality is they play against lesser competition. I agree on byu btw.

          1. He plays on the team where he lives. We are in our 4th year. We are growing, but we don’t have the numbers yet to be D-1. What should he do? We played everybody that was scheduled. We won some and we lost some. A great player shouldn’t be recognized because he is on a small team? I think there are a few kids at the D11 level that would dominate on any level. A couple of kids on Sky View’s team would dominate at any level. The same with Bonneville.

          2. Agreed. The Cannells, Duryea, Zach Hamel, Croyles, Daxton Sloan and Sam Taylor (Copper Hills) would all be starters on a lot of D-I rosters.

          3. Really? All season? Why are they in D2? Maybe you didn’t get that I wasn’t talking specifically about Meyer but to a different player?

          4. I think the whole ‘He plays in D-II’ is crazy. I like your point about D-II football players not eligible for a Heisman, but D-II football doesn’t play D-I football teams except for sometimes 1 game a year. Meyer had the following stats against D-I teams: Davis (5g, 1a, 78.26% faceoff win), Bountiful (1g, 37.50% against Jace), Herriman (4g, 70.83%), Waterford (6g, 82.76%), Judge (2g, 3a, 87.50%), Brighton (3g, 76.19%). These are phenomenal stats against D-I teams. That includes 2 ULA D-I Semifinalists and 2 UHSLL Semifinalists and 1 UHSLL finalist who has been the No. 1 team all year.

        2. But if one DII player was going to get AA, they got the right one. Just don’t agree with the comment bagging on Mannix.

          1. Connor Meyer of Syracuse is a DII player. He is both a top level face-off kid but also two-way middie.

      2. If we go by that logic then I have to question the UHSLL’s AAs. When they played against a higher level of competition (Corner and Brighton) they didn’t look like AAs anymore. There should have been at least one D2 selected AA.

        1. How did they look against the DII teams they played against? I think what you are missing is someone claiming Duryea is twice the player Mannix is. I never mentioned any players by name but that is an outrageous statement at best.

  4. I was hoping to post this before any questions or comments were made about the selection of All-Americans. Because of the transparency of the ULA, the process is documented in section 7.3 for the current High School League Policies. Selection is not made by stats alone. Selection is made by:
    1 . Nominations shall be submitted by head coaches in writing.
    2. Players selected must be a First Team member of the All-State Team.
    3. Nominees must be of outstanding character
    4. Be in good standing in their school and community
    5. Demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship on and off the field.
    Voting is accomplished at the final coaches meeting by the head coaches coordinated by the Council with support from the Area Chairman. Only the Area varsity coaches that are members of US Lacrosse may vote, one vote per school.
    I applaud not only the 5 players that were selected but also all players who strive to obtain all 5 criteria.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It is nice to see how the process works. Congratulations to the ULA players

  5. Congrats to all ULA AA and All-State selections … I think the coaches did a great job in their voting this year … There are a few tweaks that I see could be made, but overall I cant complain on what I see on this list.

  6. Wow you guys make me laugh do you have a bias towards one league or what. The system is broken. There are clearly mistakes on these lists just as there were on the UHSLL list. But dont call them to the carpet because of your love for the ULA. Look I don’t prefer one to the other, but I know good things have happened because of the UHSLL. Skyline, Herriman, Waterford would have destroyed competition in Division 2 but with them moving to the Div 1 the league in both Div 1 and Div 2 have been more competitive. Watching games Brighton and CC are the class of the state and have proven that over the season with their wins. But the 3 leagues are competitive within themselves and sorry it wouldn’t have been that way if Skyline, Herriman and Waterford weren’t forced to move to Division 1 because of UHSLL taking Division 1 teams from the ULA. I think you guys have to take your blinders off and see the benefits. You can also thank UHSLL for opening the eyes of people as to how many selections we get for All American. Do you realize that with 11 more teams last year there was 3 less All American Awards and 1 less Academic All American? Because the UHSLL formed and light was shed on the process rather than just accepting whatever more kids were given awards. I think people really need to look at the good that has come from the formation. More awards, more competitive leagues is a good thing. You have Olympus, Davis, American Fork as semi finalists that have never been in that position before to my knowledge. How great is it for growth in those areas when their high school programs are successful. We need better talent throughout Utah and having more opportunities for more kids is not a bad thing. I am sure no one looks at it that way but the truth is good has come from multiple youth leagues and multiple high school leagues!

    1. Do you even understand how the awards process works? I completely disagree that a league split has been good for high school lacrosse. It has set the sport back in sanctioning and allowed egos to run wild. Congratulations on making yourself feel better, but the facts are facts. Allowing Casey Rose to play for CC made a mockery of the interscholastic play and showed that UHSLL is basically a comp league.

      1. You mentioned sanctioning has been set back. Can you (or anyone) elaborate? I’ve had a couple of kids involved with lacrosse at the youth and HS levels for 5+ years. I’ve heard sanctioning would be such a great thing for HS lacrosse but I’ve never heard where it’s really at. What is the process? Does someone from the ULA meet regularly with the UHSAA or has the UHSAA given the ULA a checklist of items and say come see us once your checklist is complete? Are we close? Are we 5 or 10 years away? Does the ULA even want lacrosse sanctioned (would it put them out of business)?

      2. Totally understand how the process works. Did you even read my post or because I was speaking good about UHSLL it was taken as I am an idiot. The coaches vote on the awards in both leagues and in fact do it in the same manner. Last year there were 4 All Americans, this year 7 explain how more is not better please. What I am talking about is more kids with opportunities to have success individually and as a team. With more teams having success the better it is for the future in those areas. There is excitement in the Davis, AF and Olympus areas is fantastic to see. Those teams have not had the success they are this year and it is great for lacrosse in Utah
        And wow little bitter about Casey Rose? Did you not see that transfer Grainey was not allowed to play! Oh no don’t talk about that that lets just try to bash the UHSLL all we can right. The Fact is Casey’s situation was unique in that he was essentially told he couldn’t ski and play lacrosse. He found an option where he could do both and the league allowed it. Wow heaven forbid we do right by a kid and allow him to play.
        And this hurts sanctioning? Please elaborate on how this in the slightest hurts sanctioning. Do you know something that others in this state don’t? Is there a map of how to become sanctioned? Did you know that there are multiple Soccer, Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball, Track Leagues the list goes on and on? Don’t see that causing any problems for sanctioning, do you?
        My comments are strictly to open peoples eyes to good things that have happened because of a new league forming. There is a long list of them, and you can ask those in the ULA and out. It isn’t about egos, each team has equal say so where are the egos?

        1. And 9 would have been better than 7. And where did I come up with the number 9. A little research before posting helps. If we had 1 league instead of 2, there would have been 45 teams. Since you get 1 AA for every 5 teams, 45 divided by 5 is 9. But since we have 2 leagues, and one of them does not have 15 team needed to qualify for an Area, there were only 34 teams(34/5 rounded up is 7). Where did the other 2 AA’s go? The league that had 34 teams must have given the league that has 11 teams 2 of there AA slots.
          And yes I am biased. I am biased against adults ruining youth sports. I am biased against ANY league that puts the interest of the adults above the interests of ALL the youth registered to play that sport. I am biased against people who use the old football coach mentality(sorry but I have been there done that) of yelling louder that everyone else to get there way.
          Not sure what sanctioning has to do with this thread(it seems to appear in every thread about Utah Lacrosse). Will someone give me five good reasons as to why they want the sport sanctioned?

          1. The ULA was broken for quite a few schools. To lose the top teams in the state, something had to be wrong. At the youth level, it has created competition and that makes people work harder to provide customer service. The ULA was horrible at that a few years back and from what I hear, they are listening now. Listening because there are other options. Like it or not, that’s a good thing. So save the self righteous crap you spew for some other worthy cause. This isn’t it. From my seat, the split was awesome and the best teams in the state will play for the UHSLL Championship Friday night.

          2. Not quite sure what “self righteous crap” I have “spewed”. What I have “spewed” is facts(which come under the heading of my name and not some alias), which I have not seen in any of your remarks. I am entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to your opinion. Will I be able to change your mind with facts, maybe maybe not. Will you be able to change my mind with innuendoes, personal attacks and intimidation tactics, NOT EVER GONNA HAPPEN.

          3. Your self righteous crap is trying to claim the ULA had no hand in this league split. It never would have happened if they had listened to complaints. But you don’t answer any of those. You just go all “tough guy”. NOT EVER GONNA HAPPEN! I’m sure that sounded cool to your wife when you said it. My opinion is the ULA is full of idiots that know NOTHING about customer service. Thanks for confirming it. The facts aren’t what you throw out for your own personal agenda.

          4. Nowhere in any of my comments have I claimed that the ULA had no hand in the split. I am not even aware of the reasons for the split. I have heard that there were complaints but I am not aware of what they are. But you are right, the ULA has wronged the teams from the UHSLL. Shame on you ULA for giving the UHSLL two of your AA slots. If you knew me, you would know that my tough guy act is the patch I wear over my eye and that my wife of 40 years gave up on me being cool a long time ago. And I am sure that the ULA idiots values your opinion of them. Do you want customer service or do you want people to bow to your every wish. Personal attacks on people is very demeaning and is a level that I will not stoop to. I don’t state facts for my own personal agenda as I have no personal agenda.

          5. So your first post above wasn’t taking shots at people? Maybe you should re read that and see if you were taking shots at anyone. The ULA never had to listen because there was no other option. Now there is and a bunch of you keep crying over it instead of letting those of us that are happy with other options enjoy it. Enjoy the ULA, praise them all you want and allow those that don’t want to be there to be happy where they are. Your comments above show a personal agenda. Just be honest about it.

  7. If that’s the case then how come we do not have the Super Bowl of Utah lacrose set up. The real state champion is from the Ula. Then the league champion from UHSLL. That’s how I see . I know who ever wins the LEAGUE champion on the UHSLL they will call them selve the true state champion. But that so far from the truth. Just because you might have beat a team in regular season does not give you bragging rights. Playoff are a total different sort.

    1. Did any of the ULA semi finalists beat the UHSLL semi finalists? That’s a good gauge of where the two leagues are at the top.

      1. Well, neither CC nor Brighton played Herriman, so it’s pretty hard to gauge anything there, and PC lost to Brighton by a single point, just like CC, and played CC so early in the season that both are very different teams at this point. For either league to claim “true” or “real” state champs without a “superbowl” game would be erroneous and arrogant, and forgive me for a hashtag, but #that’swhyyouplaythegame.

        1. I’ve watched a ton of lacrosse this year and caught most teams on sfan and I am very confident that the UHSLL final four teams would have no problem with the ULA champ. Olympus did play Herriman and handled them pretty well.

          1. It’s great that you’ve seen the games and have an opinion, but even professional sports analysts, whose job it is to watch and study sports, don’t get everything right. Heck, look at the pick ’em section on this site, those guys have watched at least as much lacrosse as anyone else in the state, and they still get games wrong every week. It’s fun to play the “this team beat that team in the regular season…” game, but didn’t Alta handle Olympus in the regular season? Didn’t Park City give Brighton a closer game than either Bountiful or Corner Canyon did in the championship tonight? Don’t teams evolve, grow, and change throughout the course of the regular season and use out of conference games to accomplish different things? Can the UHSLL and ULA Div-I champs be state champs in their own minds? Absolutely. But you can’t declare a state champ based on opinion, that goes contrary to the very essence of what sport is, the idea that it’s settled on the field of play and not by voters or sports writers or so-called experts or bureaucrats, but by the players themselves. I’m not going to tell you who I think the best team in the state is, because it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, it matters what happens on the playing field, and if it’s not allowed to happen on the playing field, then it doesn’t matter.

          2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are a Herriman guy. That’s fine but recognize the difference in talent from a team that was division II last year and just moved up. It’s great that they were able to move up but the UHSLL got the top teams in the state to move. Park City got up for their game vs Brighton and played great but still lost. Corner Canyon handled Park City pretty well. (That was the game I meant to mention and not Oly/Herriman) The top 3 UHSLL teams were not beaten by one of the ULA teams. You figure if they were close, they would sneak in a win or two. Didn’t happen. Look at how stacked CC and Brighton are and name the players the top ULA could match up against them. Both of those teams have players that are going or will be going Division I.

          3. Not a Herriman guy, I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I’m not saying that your opinion is without base or invalid in any way, or even that I necessarily disagree with your assessment. I’m saying that declaring a champion in sports based on anything other than what actually happens on the field in a designated championship is robbing the sport of what makes it a sport. We could speculate all day about it, and people do (I’ve watched enough ESPN to know that), but when it comes down to it, you can’t rob a team of their chance to prove themselves and state something definitively as STATE champs when there was no state championship. If that were the case, we might as well just award a champion at the beginning of the season based on who we think will be the best, or just have a regular season and declare the team we “know” is the best as the champ without a playoff. You make plenty of valid points as to why the UHSLL has the best team(s) this season, but valid points have been shattered time and time again by underdogs, cinderellas, and overachievers. It happens every season in every sport in states all over this beautiful country. So go ahead and say that you think Brighton is the best team in the state, you won’t hear me argue that you’re wrong, but claim that we should declare them official state champs and I will tell you that you’re deviating from the very thing that makes sports what they are.

        2. Remember play offs are completely different than regular season. So to say UHSLL has better competition is a joke. Any team can best any team in playoffs I.e Albany destroyed Loyola and they were #1 ranked team inNCAA. I heard Horoba has no interest in playing the winner of the PC / herriman game. I wonder why ?????

  8. Carson Dutkanych really deserved an All American after his 3G 3 a championship game he lead his. Team . That what Aa are all about

    1. That game from Park City was downright impressive; they learned from the season, peaked at the right time, and were playing at as high a level as anyone by the end of the year.

  9. 84cougars sounds to me like the UHSLL commish. For the record, the “top” teams in the state did not break off to the UHSLL. The BYU nexus teams did. ULA kept the two-time 2012-2013 state champion Juan Diego and now the 2014 champion Park City. A Park City/Brighton game to determine a single champion would be awesome. PC was apparently down with it, but not Brighton. Think PC would win that one. Brighton was supposed to be the best team in the state the past three years, and JD and Lone Peak put ’em away the past two years, including a semifinal win for JD that reversed the outcome of their regular season matchup.

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