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Utah Lacrosse News Community Launched

When I started Utah Lacrosse News last Winter, the idea of having a forum consumed most of my time and energy. I constantly battled with myself on whether or not I should add one to the site. I ultimately decided not to because I didn’t want Utah Lacrosse News to be known as ‘the forums’ like other sites have become. After a full Spring season and a Fall Ball season, I’ve realized that there is something missing and I believe it is the forums. Let me explain why.
In the Spring, myself and a hand full of awesome volunteers helped to get game recaps, photos and videos on the site and we did a very good job considering we weren’t paid and we were small in numbers. As I thought of things I could have done better, the one thing that bothered me was the lack of discussion. We had a good amount of banter on the Playoff page but that was about it. I’m hoping that the Community will help foster similar discussion throughout the year and on a variety of topics.
The other thing that has bothered me and continues to bother me is the wide variety of sources to check for news and the lack of news in general. I believe that having one place to go to get all your Utah Lacrosse News will benefit the entire lacrosse community. I’m hoping that everyone from St. George to Southern Idaho will use the Community to spread the word about their events, games, fundraisers, etc. Please remember that just because I didn’t write a story for the front page of Utah Lacrosse News, doesn’t mean that I and the Community don’t want to know about it!
Ultimately I hope the Community will unite everyone and get discussion going on how to better the sport in this state. Please head over to the Community and start a discussion!
– TH –

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