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Utah Mamaci Finishes Out 2011-2012 Season at Sandstorm

Bingham Junior Morgan Judd
Bingham Junior Morgan Judd
Utah Mamaci, one of two competitive girls teams in the state, finished out an amazing 2011-2012 competitive season at the Sandstorm Lacrosse Festival in Palm Springs January 14-15. The Utah Mamaci program took 3 teams to the event, two in the high school division and one in the youth division. The tournament featured 85 girl’s teams representing several different states including Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Maryland, and even Canada. Sandstorm is one of the top recruiting events on the West Coast at one of the most amazing venues, The Empire Polo Grounds, home to the Coachella music festival. This year, the event attracted more then 50 coaches from many different programs from all over the country, including many of the top programs like Stanford, Penn, and Navy. The event provided an amazing opportunity for the teams to showcase their talent in front of college coaches and to further their level of play, by playing facing unique opposition.
Utah Mamaci Risers had a 1-3 record at the tournament. They started the tournament Saturday against Denver Summit (2-15) and Rhino Rosebuds from Oregon (4-15). On Sunday they played Canadian Revolution (10-4), and then finished the tournament with a close game against Victory Lacrosse from California (7-9). Utah Mamaci Risers is made up of players that are in the 5-8th grade and is focused on preparing girls for the high school level of play.
Utah Mamaci Black had a 0-4 record at the tournament. They began the tournament Saturday with a close game against Denver Summit (5-8) and then played Team 180 ’14 from Colorado (0-17). On Sunday the team played LaxNW Rippers Black from Oregon (3-11) and finished the tournament against Texas Outlaws (3-8). Utah Mamaci Black was composed of players in 9-12th grade from the program, and features some of the best players that are looking to improve their level of play.
Utah Mamaci Elite held a 3-1 record at the tournament. They began the tournament on Saturday against Denver Summit ’13 (11-3) and then played Bearlax ’12 from California (14-9). On Sunday they began with a victory against Triple Threat Green (9-8) and then finished the tournament against XTEAM 13 Black, which features players from all over the country (3-15). Utah Mamaci Elite features some of the top players within the program that were selected to be on the Elite team after a tryout in April 2011.
The Elite team has had an amazing rookie season, competing at three tournaments during the season, including Park City Shootout, and Vail U-19 Shootout. This was the first year that Utah Mamaci had introduced the Elite team, and after a successful first year, and graduating eight seniors from the 16 player roster the team will hold tryouts for 2012-2013 in the spring.
For more information on Utah Mamaci visit the programs official website.
Photos Courtesy of Davis Mullholland
2012 Utah Mamaci
2012 Utah Mamaci

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