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Utah Prime Season Roundup

Can you introduce your club for those who might not be familiar with it?
Utah Prime Lacrosse Club was started in August of 2015 with the hopes of creating an organization comprised of the most dedicated, hard working and talented lacrosse athletes within each age group across the entire state of Utah. The goal was to then to simply provide those players with an opportunity to showcase the skill of the best players that Utah has to offer. Utah Prime’s mission, therefore, is to connect the most dedicated, knowledgeable coaches in the state with the premier athletes of each region to establish a new precedent in Utah Lacrosse.
Utah Prime’s comprehensive training program is founded on developing intelligent, fundamentally sound players who value approaching the game with a cerebral mentality and possess a passion for learning high-level team concepts.  Prime’s progressive training techniques and consistent teaching approach across every age group is driven by uniform, club-wide terminology derived from proven concepts being taught at the collegiate and professional ranks.  This rigid, team-first system provides Prime players across every age group with an environment that pushes them to elevate their skills, game IQ and confidence so that they can become a well-rounded player and even better human being.
Prime 2015 2Our coaching staff will always strive to consistently elevate the complexity and depth of the principles and concepts that make up our system-based approach to instructing all age groups.  Our inaugural Fall/Winter 2015 season was spent establishing a baseline for the manner in which we will be instructing moving forward, while simultaneously refining our approach in key areas to deliver an even better and more efficient product in the summer of 2016. 
The Utah Prime coaching methodology is founded on three basic tenets: 

  1. Proper Technique and Position-Specific Skill Development: The extremely mechanical nature of the game of lacrosse is such that poor habits and improper mechanics that are embedded at an early age are almost impossible to rectify once a young lacrosse athlete reaches a certain point. We will be tireless in our pursuit of teaching proper mechanics to every one of our athletes, from body position on the defensive end, the execution of proper shooting mechanics by midfielders and attackmen, as well as providing the proper skill-specific instruction for our goalies and FOGOs to help them improve their craft. 
  2. High-Level, Structured Team Concepts: There are no short cuts in development. In order to be successful, you need a very structured, intense development program that teaches collegiate-level concepts from instructors who have played the game at a high level. We experienced an immense amount of success with the first tier of such concepts in our inaugural season. Moving forward, all Prime players will be expected to raise their cognitive approach to every facet of their game as the complexity of our systems continues to grow. 
  3. Standardized approach: We are invested in ensuring that every athlete in our program not only progresses from year to year in line with their individual goals and collegiate aspirations (and our coaching staff’s expectations), but that their transition from year to year is as seamless as possible as well. Therefore, every age group within Utah Prime will utilize the same teaching protocols and work within the same coaching infrastructure as laid out by Offensive Director, Brad Lavoie, as well as Prime founder and Defensive Director, Nick Gradinger. 

What tournaments and trips did your club attend this year?
In our inaugural fall/winter season, our four high school teams and two middle school teams attended two tournaments: the Las Vegas Adrenaline Tournament in December as well as the Adrenaline Challenge in San Diego, undoubtedly the most competitive tournament in the western region. Our absolute number one priority in both the fall/winter and summer seasons is to provide our teams with the most competitive tournament environments possible. Our program directors take pride in spending a substantial amount of time evaluating what tournaments and club events are going to be the best fit possible for every single age group.
What were the highlights of your club’s season?
For the first eight weeks of fall training, rather than splitting into teams by age group or talent level, we trained together as an entire club so that we could spend two whole months drilling and instructing our club-wide terminology as well as our offensive and defensive team concepts.
So, with a very finite number of practices in which the boys actually separated and practiced with their respective tournament teams, every age group entered this fall/winter season with very low expectations in terms of generating wins in such competitive environments. That being said, it made the unprecedented success we experienced as an Adrenaline Affiliate in only our first club season that much more rewarding… as we reached four tournament finals and took home multiple division championships in our inaugural season.
What players from your club will turn heads during the high school season this year (maybe mention players who have been flying under the radar)?
Our departing seniors, who were undefeated all season until overtime of their final game in the Adrenaline Challenge Elite Championship, could not have set a higher standard for our young guys to follow in the coming years.  It was truly an honor to coach such a talented group this year and there’s no way we can possibly repay them for representing the state of Utah in such incredible fashion.
Seniors Bubba Fairman, Josh Stout, Hunter Albert, Tristan Courtney, Bryson Taylor, Jackson Burton, Dillon Permain, and Sean Edwards played at such a high level this year…every young kid in Utah should do whatever they possibly can to ensure they get a chance to see them play before their high school tenure is over.  
While we recognize that the pursuit of playing lacrosse at the NCAA level is something that is not a concern for all lacrosse players in the state of Utah, our coaching staff values the opportunity to assist interested parties in the often difficult prospect of navigating through the recruiting landscape. We promise the following when it comes to recruiting: 

  • PROACTIVE, not Reactive: We feel fortunate that so many members of our coaching staff played the game at such a high level. The connections that our staff possesses affords us the opportunity to employ a proactive approach to finding the RIGHT home for each and every one of our players by leaning on our extensive network of college coaches at the D1, D2 & D3 level and properly leveraging those relationships to help expand our players’ opportunities. We will not simply sit back and wait for college coaches to reach out to our staff; we will be diligent in finding the right home for those who aspire to play at the collegiate level and help every family looking for assistance in navigating through that difficult process. 
  • Recruiting Logistics: We understand the strain of navigating the recruiting process, whether its your first child or your fifth. Financial implications, understanding the nuances of the admissions process at schools across the country, and perhaps most importantly, getting an idea of where your son’s most realistic opportunities lie are all components of the recruiting world that our coaching staff is happy to assist you with. We understand how difficult this process can become for many families and we are here to ease the strain imposed on our players and their families.  
  • We Prepare Our Athletes To Be Successful Recruits: Starting in middle school, our instructors will be incessant in the way in which they approach preparing our boys to be ‘recruitable athletes’. Our core programming includes teaching tendencies to all Prime athletes to prepare them to show well in front of college coaches. Our system-first approach integrates techniques and specific skill sets that align with what college coaches are looking for first and foremost when evaluating student athletes. Whether its spacing off the dodge or the importance of maintaining proper body language throughout a three day recruiting showcase, Prime players will leave Utah knowing what it takes to be successful on the recruiting circuit. 

Tryouts for the upcoming 2016 summer club season will be held on consecutive Wednesdays, February 17th and 24th at the Spence Eccles Fieldhouse at the University of Utah. All are welcome to sign up for the second tryout in the coming days, 2020-2023s will try out from 6-8pm, while 2017-2019s will start immediately after from 8-10pm.  In 2016, Prime tryouts will have representation from over 60 different youth and high school programs.  
Tryout Registration Link:

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