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Utah Starz Lacrosse Merger Brings New Ownership & Bright Future

Utah Starz LogoFor Immediate Release – Utah Starz Lacrosse
SALT LAKE CITY – May 4th, 2013 – Utah Starz Lacrosse, the most successful competitive lacrosse club in Utah and ranked #4 in the Western U.S., is proud to announce that Rick Kladis, Head Coach of the University of Utah Men’s Lacrosse Team, and his assistant coaching staff have agreed to table their plan to start their own competitive lacrosse organization and instead merge with the Utah Starz to create a new larger more powerful Utah Starz organization with even more opportunity for Utah Starz players.
This merger adds additional layers of high level skill and lacrosse I.Q training, intensive one-on-one specialized player training for all age groups from Youth through High School and higher coach to player ratio, and a more structured, focused and individualized player promotion and recruitment program, which adds weight to the Utah Starz already successful player promotion the Starz currently provide. The Utah Starz new player promotion program brings the additional weight and endorsement of a current College Lacrosse Head Coach and College Coaching Staff who actually know each player personally, know each player’s true strengths and how they would best fit in a college program, and because Coach Kladis is a Head College Coach and trusted member of the college coaching community, he and his staff have direct contact on a College Coach to College Coach level to every NCAA and MCLA college coach in the nation.
“We’ve taken everything the Utah Starz has achieved, our successful and proven core coaching and admin staff of Dan Mannix, Brad Taylor, Ryan Walton, Gary Albert, Stephen Hirning, Eric Baker and Colleen Grogg, who are the people who got us to our #4 ranking in the West, and have added more! More excitement, more fun, more structure, more coaches and administrative staff, more training, more focus, new camps and clinics, and even more benefits that can only be brought to a lacrosse organization with the addition of young energetic full time experienced college coaches and college players. I mean the feeling is almost electric there is so much new energy at the Utah Starz thanks to Coach Kladis and the dynamic group he is mixing into our club.” Stated Bruce Grogg, CEO of the Utah Starz. Mr. Grogg continued; The Utah Starz has been a passion and labor of love for myself and many others over the years and I am very proud of what we’ve achieve as a club and for Utah Lacrosse. The road to our #4 ranking is paved with many great memories of exciting championship wins, heartbreaking last second losses, players who have been recruited and now play in college, and the absolute joy I have seen on our players faces at every tournament as they had a blast playing the sport they love. I can’t wait to see how far our Youth and High School players can advance with the changes we are making in the club, but also now that we have the Regional Rocky Mountain Starz team to give even more Utah Starz players the opportunity to play on a West Coast Starz team. With this merger I will step down as CEO and take an advisory role, and the reins of the Utah Starz will be turned over to the next generation of Utah Starz owners who have the staff, plans, drive and experience to take the organization and the players to even greater heights.”
Rick Kladis, Head Coach of the UofU College Mens Lacrosse Team had this to say; “I’m really excited to be the new owner of the Utah Starz program.  The club has done great things in the past, it is widely recognized as a top club not just in Utah, but in the western US, and I can’t wait to work with their coaches and build on their existing foundation.  I am excited to take the Starz fantastic reputation and add in some unparalleled college coaches and players to help even more kids reach their potential and raise the level of lacrosse played here in Utah even higher. There has been huge growth of lacrosse in Utah over the past 10 years or so – the participation numbers continue to increase.   But in my view, the level of play can go even higher and compete with the East Coast, and that is somewhere I really feel I and my staff can address and help take the Utah Starz to that next level. There are lots of kids out there who are willing to put in the effort to truly be as good of a lacrosse player they can be – they just don’t have access to the resources I and my staff can bring to the table as past college players, current college coaches, and even comp players who made it onto a college team. We are going to make sure they have access to those resources at the Utah Starz.  This includes of course coaching the fundamentals all the way up to some higher level elements of the sport, but also providing information on nutrition, diet, and fitness and how health is so important for performance.  We will integrate film into our program regularly to use as teaching tools, as well as give kids footage to get in front of college coaches.  Lastly and most importantly, we will be able to add to what their present Utah Starz coaches have been telling them and explain from first-hand experience how important their academics are to a College Coach and how without them none of the other stuff matters for playing college lacrosse. I think hearing this stuff from current college coaches and players who deal with it every day will make it real and make more of a difference for the kids.” Mr. Kladis continued; “I get referrals all the time from other college coaches who are also club coaches and helping kids get opportunities – I’m excited to do the same for some of the kids here in Utah.  I think deep down most college coaches just want the kids they work with to succeed – what college they do end up playing at is, and should be, completely up to the player! Which is why, with our added connections, we will help more Utah Starz players get recruited to play right here in Utah, or any college they ultimately want to go to.”
About the Utah Starz. The Utah Starz is the most successful competitive lacrosse organization in Utah and is ranked #4 in the Western U.S. Their continued commitment to player development on all levels from basic to advanced skills, teamwork, lacrosse I.Q., understanding and execution of plays, to the importance of having a positive attitude, being professional on and off the field and keeping their grades up, has set the Utah Starz apart and brought great success to their players. It has also brought praise from parents and coaches from other lacrosse organizations and colleges from across the country. Utah Starz Lacrosse offers opportunity, consistency, elite competition and fun to its players, and has won more championships and had more players recruited to NCAA and MCLA College Lacrosse teams than any other organization in Utah.
For more information or to join the Utah Starz competitive Lacrosse club, visit our web site at or contact us at or call 801-891-9131.

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