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Utah Starz Program Update For 2014-2015 Season

For Immediate Release – Utah Starz Lacrosse
Utah StarzAfter last years transition to new ownership, the Utah Starz have released their program information for the 2014-2015 season and beyond.   The entire 2014-2015 schedule has been released and can be downloaded and viewed here.
Club Director, Rick Kladis commented on the changes saying, “What we learned last year in the transition process has been invaluable.  From the experience and countless players, parents, coaches, and other club directors we have been able to structure the club to better serve the needs of players here in Utah at this point in the growth stage of the sport.”
Kladis went on to explain saying,  “The difference between recreational lacrosse and competitive lacrosse has been really blurred in the recent past here in Utah. As a consequence, the talent has become diluted and/or lopsided because kids at all levels are playing with and against each other, which needs to be corrected.   There is definitely a need for both competitive and recreational  opportunities for kids playing lacrosse in Utah, and a primary purpose of club programs should be to put players in competitive situations.  Nobody benefits from a blow-out, and dividing kids in our program into the three different levels of ‘Rising Starz, Shooting Starz, and Super Starz’ and limiting the numbers we take will really allow our coaching staff to work with kids at different levels, and provide a more valuable and positive experience for everyone.”

The Utah Starz is the oldest and most successful lacrosse club in Utah having been started in the 90′s as ‘Team Utah’ by Mason Goodhand, widely regarded as the man who brought lacrosse in the state of Utah.   Once a player for Coach Goodhand on Team Utah, Kladis says some of his most influential lacrosse experiences and relationships came from the opportunities Team Utah provided, which is a primary reason he got involved in the club last year.
A few of the biggest changes to the Starz Club for this coming year are:

  • The TIER STRUCTURE!  The creation of the ‘Rising Starz Recreational Level which is for players who aren’t ready or do not want to be on a ‘comp level’ team, and can now participate in sessions throughout the year to develop their skills and learn the game.  This level is limited in space per age group, but does not require tryouts!
  • An ELITE-COMP LEVEL!  The creation of the ‘Super Starz’ Elite-Comp Level which gives players on Utah Starz teams who are playing at the highest level the extra opportunities to play at select/elite events to test themselves further and maximize their exposure without any additional cost!
  • GAME FILM SERVICES! All Shooting Starz and Super Starz teams will have numerous games professionally filmed by Prodigy ( throughout the year and all participating players will receive their own copy for no cost!
  • CUSTOM GEAR! New custom Utah Starz helmets and gloves to complete the redesigned player uniforms worn by all Utah Starz teams.

Players who are interested in joining the Utah Starz are encouraged to submit an interest form and Coach Kladis will get in touch with them to see how they can become a part of the Utah Starz for the 2014-2015 season!

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