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Utah State Deflated by San Diego State

Utah State

Utah State played host to a San Diego State team who beat them last year 13-4. Hoping the on and off blizzard like conditions would play in their hands, Utah State came in hoping for their 7th win of the season. Unfortunately for the Aggies, these Aztecs did not let the very unfamiliar weather conditions stop them from leaving back to San Diego with a 15-6 victory.
“I think the weather really got to us, we didn’t come out as strong as we would’ve liked to,” San Diego State Head Coach Charlie Jackson said after the game.
While this game may not have been up to what the SDSU staff and players would’ve liked, the Aggies played a game much improved from their last against Utah. The Aggies came out and caused turnovers, stopped SDSU’s first two goal attempts, and scored the game’s first goal with an assist from Blade Garlow to Freshman Zac Payne three minutes into the game.
“We looked to play smarter today,” Utah State Head Coach Jon Atwood said after the game. “We practiced being more aggressive our feet more. We worked on double teams and that seemed to lead to more turnovers.”
Utah State
The Aggies looked much improved from last year’s performance against the Aztecs and much more so then their game against the Utes of Utah.  But it didn’t take long to see which team was just more talented and ready. The Aztecs started hitting shots left and right on Freshman Goalie David Colby and left the Utah State side on defense for most of the game.
The Aggies had troubles yet again on their faceoffs, but also faced a solid faceoff man in Daniel Hodge.
The losing battle for face-offs led to a lot of time on defense. The Aggies had an uphill battle all day on defense which led to some personnel changes including seeing the Aggies leading goals scorer Blade Garlow play defense for a time.
“We needed to connect on passes and play as a team,” Freshman Bryce Hatfield said. “We really make things count when we get all those things together.”
San Diego State was helped early on with a pair of truly odd goals. It’s not common to see a ball be blocked by the goalie, then dropped right under for a goal, but that’s exactly what happened. On their very next goal, Utah State just had too many guys in too small of an area, which lead to a goal due to losing sight of the ball.
Things were just falling that way for the Aztecs. It seemed that no matter what Utah State were to do, SDSU was going to leave Utah with a 2-0 record.
But while the game went their way, injuries did not. Two SDSU players left this game, with some pretty scary looking hits and falls. Luckily, both guys were able to leave under their own power, but that really seemed to be the only thing that didn’t go SDSU’s way all day. Well, that and the blizzard like conditions.
“A lot of these guys have never even seen snow fall before coming up here, so playing in conditions like this was pretty weird for some of these guys,” San Diego State’s Drew Brooker said. “I felt like we dealt with these conditions pretty well, though. We were able to get all of our guys in which was a plus.”
The second half really didn’t bode any better for the Aggies. The Aztecs were able to get their backups in the game and hold on the solid win that sets them up nicely. And while the Aggies showed improvement, they still seem to be a couple years away from really making noise against the teams like SDSU.
Both teams played sloppy, but not much more could’ve been expected for teams coming off tough and recent games, alongside just some really bad weather.
Not too much good for Utah State the last couple of games. They will look to pick up the pieces they have lost the last couple of games and hopefully return to fighting form against Idaho next Friday.

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