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Utah Women’s Lacrosse Goes 4-0 At Santa Barbara Shootout

utah womens lacrosse
File photo of the Utah women’s lacrosse team playing California in 2012.

The Utah Women’s Lacrosse team recently competed at the Santa Barbara Shootout, where the team went undefeated.

The Utes would play Western Washington, Duke, Grand Canyon University, and UC Davis during the weekend. All of the teams were great competition and the Utes got to showcase their new talent and their players’ commitment to the game.

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The Western Washington game was played in the pouring rain on the first morning of the tournament. It was relocated to UCSB on their turf fields instead of the polo field location that the Utes were familiar with. Even though Western Washington scored the first goal of the game, Utah wouldn’t let the adversity get to them as the team came back to win 21-6.

utah womens lacrosse
File photo of the Utah women’s lacrosse team playing California in 2012.

The next day the Utes started things off with Duke. The Blue Devils obtained the draw control from the first draw and scored the first goal. Utah came back to win the game by four in what was a hard fought contest.

A few hours later Utah played against Grand Canyon University. This game proved the Utes grit and determination as they were able to walk away with a win. GCU pushed the Utes, but Utah played their game without falling into the habits of reaction.

The last morning Utah would face UC Davis. The game was delayed due to a referee delay. The girls had a dance party with UCDavis on the field before we started and we ended our tournament against one of the nicest teams who also happened to know the words to “Sweet Caroline”. While it was all fun and games to begin with, the Utes would be all business during the game, taking down UC Davis 19-3.

Last year, Utah went 2-2 at the tournament. Bringing home a 4-0 record against good competition shows the improvement of the Utah Women’s Lacrosse team and that an exciting season is on the horizon.

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