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Utahns Abroad: Ellie Carpenter Checks In from Colorado

Ellie Carpenter
c/o Ray Johnson

Ellie Carpenter graduated from Brighton High School in 2012 as a four-year starter.  While playing at Brighton, she started in every position; midfield, defense and attack. Carpenter was the team captain and All-American in 2011 and 2012.  She graduated with First Team All-State honors in 2012, All-Conference in 2011-12, MVP in 2011-12 and Varsity Rookie of the Year.  During the High School off-season, she was captain of the Utah/Idaho National Team. Upon graduation, she was recruited to play at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. After only 8 games of her freshman year, she already has 9 goals and an assist.

Ellie Carpenter
c/o Ray Johnson
Carpenter has loved living in Durango. Durango is in the South West corner of Colorado, 30 minutes from the New Mexico border.
“I love the town of Durango, it is the perfect college town. It’s very much like Park City in Utah. There is so much outdoor stuff to do,” she said.
Carpenter has been adjusting to the increased level of play that players experience when transitioning from High School to College.
“College lacrosse is very different from high school. The pace of the game is so much faster and practices are way more intense. Workouts are killer too, I never knew my body could survive this kind of stuff. The hardest part would just have to be managing your time. Its hard to have class till 3 then practice from 5:30 to 7:30, then dinner and homework, then wake up at 6 am the next day for morning lifting and do it all again,” said Carpenter.
However, all this work pays off when you get to play high caliber teams. Carpenter is looking forward to the spring break trip, where they are heading to Philadelphia to play Westchester who is the NCAA Division II National Championship Runner-up in 2011.
After almost a full year of playing lacrosse at the next level, Ellie had some advice for those who have a desire to play in college.
“I would tell high school players to not settle in to their comfort zones when they play,” Carpenter said. “Because your going to be forced out of them as soon as you hit college.  Don’t get a big head because your going to meet girls in college that will make you feel like you just barely picked up a stick because they are so good.”
Good luck with the rest of your season Ellie!

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