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Utahns Abroad: Hendrix College Defender Justin Anthony

Justin AnthonyJustin Anthony graduated from Waterford in 2012 with impressive lacrosse experience. He is a 2x All-Conference selection, and was named an All-Star his Senior year. He played for Utah Starz, Utah Select and West Coast Starz all before graduating. This gave him the experience necessary to be picked by NCAA Division III lacrosse college, Hendrix. Hendrix is just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. While at Hendrix, he has has the opportunity to play both defense and LSM. Being straight out of high school, Justin has good advice for those seeking to play college ball.
Utah Lacrosse News: How big is your school?
Justin Anthony: My school is about 1400 students.
ULN: What do you like most about the city you are in?
JA: I like how nice the people are here and also how small the town is because it is very easy to get around.
ULN: What is College lax like?
JA: College lax is very fun. It’s tough and exhausting but it is all worth it in the end. Just stepping onto that field everyday and realizing that you are representing your College instead of you High School is just the best feeling. The relationships you develop with your team mates are unlike any other relationship you will develop.
ULN: What is the hardest part?
JA: Hardest part is getting up at 5 a.m. five days a week for practice.
ULN: What is the best part?
JA: The best part is just being able to play lax every day and also again, the relationships you develop with your team mates are something that you cannot really understand until you get to college.
ULN: What is your major?
JA: My major is economics.
ULN: What game are you most looking forward to playing in this next season and why?
JA: I am most excited to play my first home game in College. We happen to be playing a huge rival of ours, Southwestern, at home for our first home game and I am so excited for it for two reasons. One, they are our rivals. Two, this is the first time I will play a game on our turf and I love our turf plus seeing the support of all of our classmates on the side lines will make the game that much better.
ULN: What is the biggest difference between High School and College ball?
JA: The biggest difference between High School and College is just the speed. College lacrosse is very fast and usually if you make a mistake you will be the cause a turn over or even a goal, in High School you can get away with little mistakes, College lacrosse really makes you become a much better and smarter lacrosse player.
ULN: What advice would you give to High School players who want to play College?
JA: My advice is to get on a club team. If you are not on a club team you will not play college lacrosse. Being on a club team such as Utah Starz will give you visibility which is what you need. If there is a specific school you know you want to play for then contact them tell them to come watch you and they will. The biggest thing though is make sure you always have a good attitude about lacrosse and respect your coaches and your team mates.
Good luck with the last few games of the season Justin!

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