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Utahns Abroad: Kate Speare Reports From Lindenwood University

Kate Speare
c/o Ray Johnson
Kate Speare graduated from Brighton High School last spring and was recruited to play at Lindenwood University. During high school, Kate played for Utah Mamaci Elite club team. While at the Adrenaline Showcase tournament, the Lindenwood head coach saw Kate play and wanted her for his team. Kate graduated as a captain of Brighton, led the team in assists in 2011, as well as points per game in 2012. While at Lindenwood in the fall of 2012, Kate tore her ACL. She has made the tough decision to red shirt this season to allow her leg to heal.
Utah Lacrosse News: How big is your school?
Kate Speare: My school is NCAA Division II with just under 9,000 undergraduate students.
ULN: What do you like most about the city you are in?
KS: The school is located in St. Charles, which is more of a historical small town. I love it because the campus is so close to Main Street, which has lots of fun shops and places to go out and eat. Our school is also really close to downtown St. Louis, which is an amazing city with lots of fun things to do and see.
ULN: What is College lacrosse like?
KS: Its incredible, truly an amazing experience. It is very tough, and very busy. Our team is constantly working hard to get better, whether it is through practice, lifting, or fun classes our coaches set up for us. You have to work really hard to stay on top of all your classes, and still rest up and have energy for lacrosse. We almost never have a day off, but I love it!
ULN: What is the hardest part?
KS: The hardest part so far has been when I tore my ACL during one of the first weeks of fall ball. I had surgery on October 23rd, and I’m about half way through the recovery process! But having to go through surgery and recovery away from home has been so difficult, and sitting out and watching practices and games hasn’t been very easy for me. Especially as a freshman I felt like I never really got the chance to really play with my new team before I got hurt. It’s been very physically and emotionally draining, and I can’t wait to get back on the field!
ULN: What is the best Part?
KS: The best part is just being a member of this giant Lindenwood Lacrosse family. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and we are all working for the same thing. Since day one we have all been so close, and all the girls on the team have played a huge part in my recovery process, with constant encouragement and finding ways to cheer me up. The coaches are also always there, pushing you to your limits and making sure you work your hardest. There are so many resources available, like the athletic trainers who push me everyday to get me back on the field as soon as possible.
ULN: What is your Major?
KS: I am majoring in Journalism.
ULN: What game are you most looking forward to playing in this next season and why?
KS: Since I am red shirted this season and can’t play, I would say the games I am looking forward to watching most this season are against Fort Lewis, so I can watch my former Brighton teammates Ellie Carpenter and Jam Vertner. Also the Adelphi game, because they are one of the top D-II schools in the country, and it’s going to be a very fast paced and exciting game!
ULN: What is the biggest difference between High School and College ball?
KS: I would say time, and the level of play. If you think your busy with high school lacrosse just wait… college lacrosse is a huge time commitment. The level of play is unreal, the pace of the game is so much faster and the talent I’ve seen here is amazing.
ULN: What advice would you give to High School players who want to play College?
KS: Think hard about what you want to do, and what you are looking for in a college program. If you want a time-consuming major make sure you can juggle that and the commitment for lacrosse. Email all the programs you are interested in, and take any opportunity to play in front of college coaches, whether its camps, tournaments or showcases. Also put in the time outside of the season, and off the field. Lots of wall ball, and lots of running to make sure that you are in the best shape possible! Lastly, make sure the schools that you are interested in would still make you happy without lacrosse- you never know what could happen!
Thanks Kate, we hope to see you on the field soon!

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