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Utahns Abroad: Mary Briggs Checks in From Notre Dame of Maryland

Mary BriggsMary Briggs graduated from Judge Memorial in 2011 on the All-Conference team and was recruited to play at Notre Dame of Maryland. She was the starting goalie for all 16 games of her freshman season, notching up 116 saves. So far this season, she has played every game as well, and has a save percentage of 47.3%
Utah Lacrosse News: How big is your school?
Mary Briggs: I attend a very small school, of about 1,000+ undergraduate.
ULN: What do you like most about the city you are in?
MB: That there are so many other colleges in the same area.
ULN: What is College lax like?
MB: It is very fast passed, everyone is extremely talented and skilled, and passionate.
ULN: What is the hardest part?
MB: Being so far away from my family.
ULN: What is the best Part?
MB: The friends that I have made. They have become a second family to me and my teammates are all like my sisters.
ULN: What is your major?
MB: Mechanical Engineering and Physics.
ULN: What game are you most looking forward to playing in this next season and why?
MB: The game against Marywood. They are a very good team and last season we almost had them. So this season I am expecting us to dominate.
ULN: What is the biggest difference between High School and College ball?
MB: How fast passed it is and the skill level of everyone.
ULN: What advice would you give to High School players who want to play College?
MB: Play hard and never give up. If you aren’t recruited you can always try to walk on.
Good luck with the last few games Mary!

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