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Utahns Abroad: University of Dallas Midfielder Mary Salotto

Mary Salotto graduated from Skyline High School in 2009. When she graduated, she was the Division II Offensive MVP and First Team All-State. Upon graduation, she was recruited by the University of Dallas. In her freshman year, she notched 31 goals and 4 assists. The next year she didn’t slow down, scoring 44 goals and 7 assists. She checks in with some good insight to life and lacrosse in the Lone Star State.
Utah Lacrosse News: How big is your school?
Mary Salotto: I go to the University of Dallas, which is a private Catholic school of about 1,500 students. Despite its name, UD is actually located just outside of Dallas in Irving. While there isn’t a whole lot in Irving itself, (we have Las Colinas which is a nice area but that’s about it.)
ULN: What do you like most about the city you are in?
MS: I like that we are close enough where we can get into Dallas if we want, but I’m not actually living in the city. There is so much to do in Dallas, between the music scene, bars and restaurants, and museums, it really is an awesome city to live so close to.
ULN: What is College lax like?
MS: College lacrosse is a lot different than high school. I have learned so much playing in college, and grown to be a vastly better player than I used to be. College lacrosse tends to be a lot faster paced than high school (which is awesome!) and can come as kind of a shock during the first couple games.
ULN: Hardest part?
MS: The hardest part about college lacrosse for me is balancing with school. Whereas in high school there wasn’t that much homework (at the time I thought I had a ton..but I really didn’t), in college I have had to learn how to balance not only practice 6 days a week but also our traveling with my school work. UD is a very academically challenging school, and athletes certainly do not garner special treatment of any kind from professors.
ULN: What is your Major?
MS: I am a psychology major currently working to complete my senior thesis and time management skills are playing a huge roll in my life right now!
ULN: What is the biggest difference between High School and College ball?
MS: As corny as it sounds, the best part about college lacrosse is the friends that you make while playing. People I may have otherwise never met, have become like my family. Having a set group of people that you’ll be spending time with as a freshman was also really comforting to me since I was coming to a new school in a new city where I didn’t know anybody within about 1000 miles of me. (Also, keeping that freshman 15 at bay and being in awesome shape is a nice bonus!)
ULN: What game are you most looking forward to playing in this next season and why?
MS: This coming season I think I’m most looking forward to our opening game against Hartwick College. We have a lot of new girls on the team this year and I’m really excited to see how we all play and work together out on the field!
ULN: What advice would you give to High School players who want to play College?
MS: If I had any advice for High School students looking to play college ball it would be to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to fill out the recruiting forms that most colleges have on their websites or to call coaches of schools you’re interested in! The UD coach found me, but my second choice school was a place that I had contacted on my own.

Mary Salotto
c/o James Marks, Edited by Melissa Grant

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