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Ute Women's Lacrosse goes undefeated at Northern Colorado Tourney

Ute Women’s Lacrosse trekked to Greeley, CO for a tough schedule of three match-ups in one day.
The Utes had an early and chilly match up against University of Northern Colorado this past weekend in what ended in UNC dropping a 17-8 decision to the Ute Women.  Utah was lead by a number of unyielding attack players, while Jacklyn Amadu tallied 8 saves in goal. Heather Hunter tallied a goal for the Utes early in the first half which set the stage for the Utes to dominate the entire match. Laura Hunter & Katelyn Weber led the Utes with four goals each. Heather Hunter, Haley Poulson and Cody Rennert scored twice.  And Samantha Jensen, Tracy Souvall and Nancy Little also notched a goal for the Utes. Hunter, Souvall and Marissa Siegrist also added assists for the Utes.

Junior Laura Hunter dodges through 4 UNC defenders


UNC was led by Amelia Utash with fours goals, while Marissa Williams and Cory Orwig both scored twice. With Anna Stefancih (4 saves) and Estelle Stapfieri (3 saves) sharing goal.
The first half ended with 10-3 for the Utes on the board.  Each team fought evenly in the 2nd half to finish in a 17-8 decision.  Consistent standouts in the defense and midfield for the Utes were Tracy Souvall, Haley Poulson, and Sam Lawson.

Sophomore Tracy Souvall runs past an Air Force defender
The Utes soon after took on Air Force resulting in a 19-11 win. The Utes led 11-4 at half-time. Utah was lead again by a number of finishers. Laura Hunter had six goals, Nancy Little and Haley Poulson each had three, Katelyn Weber and Cody Rennert finished with two, and Heather Hunter, Tracy Souvall and Erika Davis added one to the board.  Hunter, Little, Poulson, Rennert, and Souvall also contributed assists. An outstanding job by Jacklyn Amadu in goal with 15 saves.  Consistent standouts on defense and the midfield for the Utes were Nancy Little, and Haley Poulson.
Air Force was lead by Renee Kitka, Alish Deiters and Trisha Penrod with three goals each.  Casey Boyle and Brittany Bennett also scored. Adah Frankovic had four saves in goal.
Lastly, Utah took on the Cowgirls of University of Wyoming in a 17-6 win. Laura Hunter lead with five goals, Katelyn Weber with four, Haley Poulson with three, Nancy Little with two, and Lyndsay Callahan, Whitney Winn, and Cody Rennert with one. Poulson, Rennert, Tracy Souvall, and Marissa Siegrist contributed assists.
The first half ended with a score of 7-3 for the Utes. The Utes did not let down despite this match being their third of the day. Standout in the midfield for the Utes was Cody Rennert.
Ute Women’s Lacrosse is back in action on Saturday and Sunday, March 12, 13 at their inaugural stadium (McCarthey Family Track & Field) when they take on Mines, BYU and Pepperdine.

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