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Utes Rally Past Lobos

Utah Attackmen Patrick Griffin
Utah Attackmen Patrick Griffin

The No. 19 Utah Utes (5-2) dominated the New Mexico Lobos (2-4) Saturday 21-1 at Judge Memorial in Salt Lake.
Utah came out blazing in what would be a one-sided battle.  They won the first face off with ease, got the ball to attackmen Zac Harris, who dished it to Sophomore Zach Gosselin for the shot.  The opening play was textbook for fast breaks.  This also set the pace for the rest of the game.  The first quarter ended with a goal from standout Freshmen Dillon Tran by a question-mark dodge from X.  The Lobos were down 5-0 at the end of the first quarter.
The Utes came out of the break with two quick goals.  The second goal was from Matt Mersereau to Cody Cantrell.  Mersereau, who was at the top left side of the restraining box, wound up for a shot and drew the defender.  Once the defender slid, he quickly dished it to Cantrell who had a wide open shot.  Going into the half, the Utes were up 10-0.

Utah Attackmen Patrick Griffin
Utah Attackmen Patrick Griffin
The Lobos are a threat offensively, however they had a hard time getting it to the offensive side of the field.  Every time they tried to clear the ball, the Utes long poles or middies would break it up and regain the ball.  Going into the fourth quarter, they were trailing 15-0.
Five minutes into the fourth quarter, the Utes already had scored three goals.  The third goal came from Freshmen Justin Walker.  Walker caught a missed shot from behind the goal, and quickly power curled to score while the defense was unsettled.
The Lobos finally were able to get the ball on offense and make a presence on the scoreboard.  Freshmen leader Luke Stankus drew the first blood for the Lobos team 6 minutes into the fourth quarter.  After three more goals by the Utes, the final whistle blew with the score 21-1.
Sophomore Tyler Best was in the goal for the entire game for the Utes.  Best has been able to play in the past few games and has been showing the other teams that the Utes has two solid goalies on their lineup.
“We feel confident that we have two goalies that can play,” said Utah Utes Head Coach Craig Morris.
The Utes were able to send in a good portion of their second and third lines throughout the game.
“I didn’t really notice a huge drop off for us and that’s really encouraging for us,” said Coach Morris. “The overall group is really coming forward.  We are going to need that if we are going to compete with the better teams out there.”
The Utes will face rival Westminster this Wednesday. Looking ahead, the Utes will face No. 8 Oregon on March 26.
Quick Stats:

  • Utes won 18 of the 26 face offs
  • 42 Ground balls
  • 43 Shots

Photo courtesy of AllAmericanShots

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