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UVU Announces New Coaching Staff For 2015–2016 Season

UVU LogoThe UVU men’s lacrosse team has hired a new coaching staff for the 2015-2016 season.
Brae Burbidge will be the new head coach of Utah Valley University lacrosse. His staff will include Tyler Monteath and Marc Miller as assistant coaches and others to be named.
“This is a staff that is excited for the opportunity to build upon the momentum that the previous coach, coach Pappas started,” Stated Tom James of UVU Lacrosse.
UVU lacrosse has grown since its reintroduction into the MCLA a few years ago. With an increasingly talented roster and presence in the national lacrosse community.
“I am excited about the opportunity to build the UVU Program. I believe it is filled with potential and can’t wait for the future,” said Monteath.
“We are aggressively pursuing top athletes to play at Utah Valley University; the landscape of college lacrosse in Utah is changing so rapidly. You have great teams in this conference like BYU and Westminster and they’re just becoming better and stronger every year. We feel that we are moving that direction,” said Burbidge.
“It is our goals to not only increase the caliber of play at Utah Valley University but to become highly competitive within just a few short years. We intend to play in the national championship tournament within a few years”.
Burbidge said “With the style of coaching between Coach Monteath and Coach Miller you will see an increased pace and explosive style of play from Utah Valley University lacrosse, we are excited to get going”.
Brae Burbidge has been a coach at Pleasant Grove high school for nine years, Tyler Monteath has been an All-American at Brigham Young University has coached at both American Fork high school and Olympus high school and has recently been an assistant coach at Brigham Young University. Miller has played for Brigham Young University as well as coached high school for several years and was most recently American Fork high school.
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