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Wasatch LC College Commit: Carter Bean (Arizona State)

Carter BeanFor Immediate Release – Wasatch LC
Wasatch Lacrosse Club is a distinctive group of young men who are each handpicked for their on-field talents and off-field display of character by coaches Danny Larkin, Ricky Larkin, and Adam Eddinger. Players are selected from across the state of Utah to showcase their abilities to NCAA and MCLA coaches at the highly competitive tournaments we attend. To be a member of Wasatch Lacrosse Club you must strive to play lacrosse at the highest level and always play selfless, with a team first mentality. You must also represent the community you live in and high school you attend with a sense of pride and responsibility.

  • Name: Carter Bean
  • Position: Midfield
  • High School: Desert Hills, 2015
  • Hometown: St. George, Utah
  • What college/university are you committed to attend? Arizona State University
  • What other schools did you consider? BYU, UC Santa Barbara, and Oregon
  • What were the deciding factors that helped you choose? The coaching staff was a huge part of it. I feel like their philosophies and systems fit me perfectly as a player.
  • What do you like about the campus? Everything about ASU’s campus is prime. It just feels good when you’re walking around and looking at everything. And there’s a lot of history on campus.
  • How did your interaction with the coaching staff begin? Did they see you play and contact you or did you send highlight film? Coach Thon emailed me the day after he was hired at ASU. I’m still not actually sure how he found out about me. He gave me his number and asked me to call him. He watched my film and asked me if I would be interested in going on a visit. Then on my visit I kind of just fell in love with everything.
  • What advice do you have for players who are aspiring to play Lacrosse in college? Nobody is going to hand you opportunities. You have to create them yourself by working hard to be the best player you can be.
  • How has Wasatch LC helped you? Wasatch LC helped me get my name out there and playing for them brought out my full potential. I finally found out what I could really do on the field.
  • What was/has been the best part about playing for Wasatch LC? The best thing about Wasatch LC is that we always play the best talent possible. We always rise up to the challenge.
  • What is your most memorable experience from playing with Wasatch LC? Going to Philadelphia and New Jersey and playing in Tri State two years in a row was definitely something I’ll remember for a long time. Touring John’s Hopkins, Towson, and other schools and getting to play teams from all over the country was something I never would’ve had the chance to do without Wasatch.
  • Why should other players aspire to play for Wasatch LC? Wasatch will bring out the best in you as a player and give you opportunities that few other clubs can.
  • Please add who you would like to thank on this momentous occasion: I want to thank Adam, Ricky, and Danny for taking a risk on me. I couldn’t have asked for better coaches.

Wasatch Lacrosse Club’s mission is to provide a distinct advantage in College Recruiting to players on our club over other teams. We go the extra miles with filming our games, recording stats, clipping highlight films, emailing and calling college programs for you, and so on. Hard work, fun, and dedicated coaching are the foundation of Wasatch Lacrosse Club. Developing friendships between players and parents from various schools and communities are a key factor to the “Satch Lax” experience.
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Current Wasatch LC alumni playing in college:
BYU – MCLA Division 1
Dalon Hampshire – Goalie (Bountiful HS/2014)
University of Colorado – MCLA Division 1
Riley Rose – Goalie (Juan Diego HS/2013)
Furman University – NCAA Division 1
Grant Pierce – Attack (Brighton HS/2014)
University of Oregon – MCLA Division 1
Luke Pyper – Midfield (Waterford School/2014)
Rutgers University – NCAA Division 1

Casey Rose – Midfield (Corner Canyon HS/2014)
Utah State University – MCLA Division 2
Connor Meyer – Midfield/FO (Syracuse HS/2014)
Justin Jackson – Attack (Lehi HS/2014)
Westminster College – MCLA Division 1

Bridger Fisher – Midfield (Olympus HS/2014)
Tanner Duryea – Defense (Sky View HS/2014)

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