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Wasatch LC College Commit: Payton Kimber – BYU

Payton KimberWasatch Lacrosse Club is a distinctive group of young men who are each handpicked for their on-field talents and off-field display of character by coaches Danny Larkin, Ricky Larkin, and Adam Eddinger. Players are selected from across the state of Utah to showcase their abilities to NCAA and MCLA coaches at the highly competitive tournaments we attend. To be a member of Wasatch Lacrosse Club you must strive to play lacrosse at the highest level and always play selfless, with a team first mentality. You must also represent the community you live in and high school you attend with a sense of pride and responsibility.

  • Name: Payton Kimber
  • Position: Midfield
  • High School: Spanish Fork, 2015
  • Hometown: Elk Ridge, Utah
  • What college/university are you committed to attend? Brigham Young University
  • What other schools did you consider? Other local schools in the area like UVU and Utah State. I had also been interested in Johns Hopkins, until we visited there this summer with Wasatch LC, and I could tell that their program and environment wasn’t what I wanted.
  • What were the deciding factors that helped you choose? There were a lot of factors that helped me decide where to play. The main reason I want to play for BYU is the environment on campus and in the school. It’s a great place to be. I’ve been around BYU my whole life and I love it. It’s a place that, as a member of the LDS Church, I can live my beliefs freely. It’s a place where I can become a better person.  Another reason was the fact that they have an outstanding lacrosse program. After having talked with the coaches and met a lot of the players, it was the best fit for me as a player and as a person.
  • What do you like about the campus? I love the fact that it’s a big campus. There are so many different kinds of people you can meet on campus and so many things to do. I also like it because it’s close to home. I really wanted to stay local and not somewhere way far away. I’m very familiar with the campus, because I’ve been going to BYU sporting events since before I could walk, so I really like it.
  • How did your interaction with the coaching staff begin? Did they see you play and contact you or did you send highlight film? I actually got in contact with Coach Schneck first through the camps that the lacrosse team does. I let him know that I was interested in playing for him and it just kind of took off from there. Another big thing was coach Tyler Monteath helping me with meeting the players and coaches through the scrimmages the team does over the summer. It really helped me to get to know the team and the coaches, and also to have them watch me play in front of them.
  • What advice do you have for players who are aspiring to play Lacrosse in college? Don’t ever think you can’t. Just have the confidence in yourself that you can play anywhere. If you put in the work and learn the skills needed to play at the next level, you will.
  • How has Wasatch LC helped you? Wasatch LC has helped me build confidence in myself that I can play with the best. Maybe not always beat the best, but at least hang with them. It has helped me realize how good of a player I can really be by surrounding me with some of the best players in the state and giving me the opportunity to play against some of the best teams in the country.
  • What was/has been the best part about playing for Wasatch LC? For me, the best part about playing for Wasatch LC has been the coaching. They all coach in a way that lets you know they trust you. They give you the freedom to play the game your way. Granted, they correct you when you make mistakes, but they help you fix it quick and you’re back on the field. It’s a great environment on the team. It’s like another family really.
  • What is your most memorable experience from playing with Wasatch LC? The most memorable experience was playing against Dukes LC from Pennsylvania. It was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Not because I played the best, but because I realized that I was playing against some of the best players on the east coast, and I was doing pretty well! It was a huge confidence builder that has helped me ever since.
  • Why should other players aspire to play for Wasatch LC? There is no other team like it. All the players are like a family and it’s a great atmosphere to be in. It’s a place where you can be yourself.  My experiences with the coaches and players helped me raise my game to a level I hoped I had, but didn’t know if I had for sure until I played with Wasatch.
  • Please add who you would like to thank on this momentous occasion: I’d like to thank my parents for helping me achieve my goals as a lacrosse player. I couldn’t have gotten to this stage without them. I’d also like to thank all the coaches for Spanish Fork Warriors, Patriot Starz, Possession, and Wasatch LC for helping to put me in the position I am today. I couldn’t have gotten there on my own. Thank you Wasatch LC! Satch Lax for life!

Wasatch Lacrosse Club’s mission is to provide a distinct advantage in College Recruiting to players on our club over other teams. We go the extra miles with filming our games, recording stats, clipping highlight films, emailing and calling college programs for you, and so on. Hard work, fun, and dedicated coaching are the foundation of Wasatch Lacrosse Club. Developing friendships between players and parents from various schools and communities are a key factor to the “Satch Lax” experience.
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Current Wasatch LC alumni playing in college:
Brigham Young University – MCLA D1
Dalon Hampshire – Goalie (Bountiful HS/2014)
Furman University – NCAA D1
Grant Pierce – Attack (Brighton HS/2014)
University of Oregon – MCLA D1
Luke Pyper – Midfield (Waterford School/2014)
Rutgers University – NCAA D1
Casey Rose – Midfield (Corner Canyon HS/2014)
Utah State University – MCLA D2
Connor Meyer – Midfield/FO (Syracuse HS/2014)
Justin Jackson – Attack (Lehi HS/2014)
Westminster College – MCLA D1
Bridger Fisher – Midfield (Olympus HS/2014)
Tanner Duryea – Defense (Sky View HS/2014)

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