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Wasatch LC East Coast Trip: Day Six

Wasatch LCThe team walked onto the fields at Mercer County Community College and prepared for their four games of the day. Players were greeted by Orange Gatorade cooler and Gatorade Chews for their hydration needs. Turning heads with their awesome uniforms, players, parents and team directors sang their praises to the Wasatch LC Utah Scenery uniforms. “I give you the best dressed award” said a Long Island (Tenacious Turtles) Mom. Coaches were even approached by Lacrosse Unlimited owner for compliments and questions.
Our first opponent, NJ Diesel, was a team mostly made up of West Essex HS players. Our team came out strong by winning the first face off and getting a great possession. A quick 5 goal run put Wasatch LC in a commanding lead and the mercy rule was in effect the rest of the game, giving NJ Diesel possession after every goal. Solid team play on defense provided us with caused turnovers that turned into fast breaks and scoring opportunities, which we took advantage of.  After allowing two quick goals, our team dialed in their play, and finished out the game with six unanswered goals, with the score ending 11-2 in favor of Wasatch LC.
The team was able to take a half hour break before gearing back up for our second game against Recon Lacrosse (Long Island, NY). After giving up the first goal, our team picked up their pace of play when Brody Bolerjack (2014 Brighton, Defense) cleared the ball up the field and passed it off to Ian Hullinger (2014 Lehi, Attack), who finished off the play with a laser of a shot right into the top left corner. That play gave the team confidence, and we were able score three more goals, putting the score at 4-1. Both goalies, Thomas Stockham (2015 Phillips Exeter, Goalie) and Dalon Hampshire (2014 Bountiful, Goalie), kept their composure while making some really nice saves, and helped our team clear the ball 100% of the game. Our very dominant face off man, Connor Meyer (2014 Syracuse, Midfield), helped seal the deal when he beat his man front door, took it straight down the middle, and scored by split dodging to his left and sticking his shot off-stick hip. Wasatch LC ended the game with a 7-3 win.
Everyone, spirits very high, enjoyed some down time at the hotel before heading back to the fields to get ready for our third game against Red and Black Elite (NJ). Once the team had their gear on and got stretched, lightning struck nearby and we were forced to retreat back to the vans through a torrential downpour. “It was a typhoon! The game got delayed after a loud thunder-boom. As I walked up to the headquarter tent to figure out the rest of the evenings plans, you could look across the field and see the rain coming. The players heard the rain on the trees and grabbed their bags to return to the vans, but it was no use, the kids were soaked within one minute of the rain starting to fall.” Said Wasatch LC GM Adam Eddinger. After hanging out in the vans for a little while, we were informed that the rest of the games had been cancelled for the remainder of the day, which also included our fourth game against Long Island Thunder (NY), because over two inches of rain had fallen in a half hour.
The day wasn’t a loss however. With a quick rebound from the coaching staff, and input from Mama P, the players were taken to a local bowling alley. The players were put into groups of six, and they bowled for two hours while watching the MLL All-Star game on a giant big screen projector at the end of the lanes. Everyone on the team really took this time to strengthen their bond together, and they had a great time!
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