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Wasatch LC East Coast Trip: Day Three

Wasatch LCTuesday started off with a team film session of the Looney’s LC scrimmage where the coaching staff stated the game and broke down player’s tactics, execution and field position. Seeing the players were a bit drained, the staff made the executive decision to institute a nap time from 1-3pm. During that time, coaches lined the grass field for play, set up scoreboard and got water coolers filled. Wasatch LC had a brief walkthrough of clearing, man up and base offense before returning to Fitzsimmons Hall to cool down before their contest with Baggataway LC.
The scrimmage started well for Wasatch LC, our players came out hard and really took it to Baggataway LC the first quarter. The players showed poise and stamina by remaining in high gear, putting up 6 goals in first 12 minute running quarter. The good plays continued and the unselfish play was contagious, even a rain storm in the third couldn’t slow us down or dampen our spirits. “Our intensity wasn’t going to be matched, and after a sour taste from Looney’s these kids weren’t taking their foot off the gas,” said GM Adam Eddinger.
There were only a handful of times our players didn’t come up with a ground ball or made their opponent make a mistake. “Our players were having so much fun, giving each other high fives and laughing on the sideline together,” said Coach Ricky Larkin. “Our team came into today with a lot of confidence after the Looney’s scrimmage. We rode that confidence to a huge win,” said Coach Danny Larkin. The game ended a 17-1 victory for Wasatch LC.
“The times we had to play defense we played good defense and our offense killed it,” said Thomas Stockham, 2015 Phillips Exeter Academy, Goalie.
“I thought we took advantage of all of our offensive opportunities. I feel like we rode hard and got some turnovers. Our defense, when did play defense, did a really good job,” said Tanner Duryea, 2014 Skyview, Defense.
“Baggataway was a good team, we ended up prevailing, proving that we were the better team. I feel we did that with a lot of physical play, a lot of smart play and we just came out. They were not expecting a team from Utah to be anywhere near their level of play, at all,” said Parker Carson, 2014 Juan Diego, LSM.
“We found our teammates really well and we were moving the ball and really unselfish with it. If we can keep up the level of play that we are playing at we have a good shot at Dukes LC,” said Carter Bean, 2015 Desert Hills, Midfield.
“We are playing really well as a team. I’m glad to see that. Coming in I was a little bit afraid we’d be mostly individuals but team play is really what won it for us today and hopefully we’ll be able to keep it up,” said Jared Kotter, 2014 Spanish Fork, Defense.
“I felt like we came together as a team today. We’re reping Utah in a big way here. Winning today was big for us and hopefully we can keep up the pace tomorrow. Pedal to the metal,” said Dalon Hampshire, 2014 Bountiful, Goalie.
Key Stat Lines:
Connor Meyer, 2014 Syracuse, Midfield: 82.3% Faceoff Wins, 13 GBs
Carter Bean, 2015 Desert Hills, Midfield: 4 Goals on 5 Shots
Casey Rose, 2014 Juan Diego, Midfield: 5 Goals on 9 Shots
Wasatch LC with 12 Ride Backs, 51 Shots, 38 GBs and 36 Possessions to Baggataway’s 13 in the game.
Tomorrow Wasatch LC will tour Villanova, Cabrini and Eastern. We take on Dukes LC tomorrow at 5:30pm EST (3:30pm MST) and the game can be viewed online at
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