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Waterford Sprints Past Bingham

Waterford Ravens

The Bingham Miners were no match for the speed and stick skills of the Waterford Ravens on Saturday, April 11th.  They had no answer for the Raven’s fast passing and faster feet.  Waterford quickly put up enough goals to secure an easy 11-5 win against the outplayed and outrun Miners.
Waterford jumped on the face off in quarter one and Justin Desautels surprised the Miner defense scoring easily in the first couple of minutes.  Bingham’s defense got the wake-up call, and goalie Scott Bronson showed why he is one of the best with several key saves.  The Miners survived an early extra man offense opportunity for Waterford, but the Ravens continued to grind on offense and Matt West took advantage of a perfect screen scoring the Raven’s second goal.
Waterford RavensWaterford’s goalie Michael Moody put on a pretty good show of his own with some critical early quarter saves keeping Bingham scoreless despite decent shot opportunities.  Raven’s defenders Sage Herron, Cavin Huntsman and Peter Williamson kept the Miner’s offense off balance and on its heels.  Waterford’s West scored again using the same tactic as his first goal coming from behind the crease on the right, dodging left and then shooting right for a beautiful overhead shot.  The Miners had dug themselves a three goal deficit by the end of the quarter as Waterford controlled the ball most of the opening twelve.
In the second quarter Waterford’s offensive aggression continued.  West used his patented dodge from behind the right side chocking up a hat trick with an assist from Kevin Ekins.  The Raven’s Luke Pyper was shooting hard, but Bronson fought him off, and then James Eardley muscled his way through two Bingham defenders for his first goal.  He attempted another shot that was well defended by Bronson who followed that up with a brilliant double save.  The Ravens controlled possession leaving their defense yawning on the other end of the field while Bronson and the Miner’s defense battled shot after shot.  Bronson took the game into his own hands forcing a Raven’s turnover and Bingham’s Talen Little finally found the back of the net with an assist from Joe Lambert.  Waterford won the faceoff and was on the attack again, but Bronson caused another turnover.  Unfortunately Bingham lost the control once again, but was able to fight off the Raven attack until half time.  The score was 5 to 1 for Waterford at the end of two.
As the third quarter opened, Waterford didn’t miss a beat.  Matt West scored the Raven’s sixth goal and his fourth with an assist from David Lewis.  Bingham earned a rare extra man offense opportunity, but was unable to capitalize.  West ‘s amazing burst of speed beat the Miner’s defense once again and he put in his fifth goal easily.  He followed up by assisting Luke Pyper who scorched the net with a side arm rip shot.  The score was 9 to 1 and it looked like Bingham’s typical second half come-back wasn’t going to happen.  The Miners were given another man-up chance, but the offense was disorganized and good pressure from Raven’s long-pole Jacob Mika kept Bingham from coming up with a goal.  Waterford earned its own second extra man opportunity and used it to add another goal from Eardley.  The quarter ended on a positive note for Bingham when Ricky Griffin bolted on a fast break surprising the Raven’s defense causing them to commit their third foul, which carried over to the start of the fourth quarter.
Bingham started the fourth quarter in a man-up position, but still couldn’t finish.  Waterford’s Desautels repeated his first quarter performance with an unassisted shot increasing the Raven’s lead to 10 to 1.  The Miners finally got their offense in gear when Jordan Brough scored with an assist from Joe Lambert.  They were benefitted by an EMO situation that led to another Brough goal assisted by Lambert.  Waterford didn’t want the Miners to gain momentum and shut it down when Lewis put in his second shot with an assist from Sam Schroeder.  Bingham’s Little increased his personal stats with goal number two assisted by Kason Eggers, and the Miners continued to press their offense, but Moody held his own.  Bingham made one last offensive stand that ended with a goal from Joe Lambert assisted by Eggers, and had a last chance man-up to try to get over fifty percent, but the game ended before they could get a shot off.  Final score Waterford 11, Bingham 5.
Bingham Head Coach Marshall Kay summed up the Miner’s performance, “Waterford is an example of a well-disciplined team and we were not a disciplined team today.  I feel out-coached and my team was out-played.  We made a run in the fourth, but against a good team that will only get you so far.  We will see them again and hopefully, we’ll be better prepared.”
Waterford Head Coach Dave Brattin stated, “We knew we were in for a battle.  All the teams we play from here on out can win, so we have to bring our best game.  We started well and that got us through to the end.”
Waterford’s next opponent is Judge on April 14th.  Bingham plays Skyline on April 15th.

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