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Way Too Early Playoff Team Preview: Girls Class-A

The playoffs are still weeks away, but let’s have a look at how things are shaping up anyway.
The Favorites
American Fork – Record: 6-0 (3 top-10 wins)
American Fork has really come into their own this year. They are lead by Savannah Ernst who has 32 goals on the season. They have a very talented midfield and have already proven themselves with their win over Park City. They also dismantled Olympus and Lehi in early season play. Their game against Brighton has been rescheduled twice and, if the game ever happens, it won’t be easy. The Cavemen will round out their season playing undefeated Herriman and Utah County rival Lone Peak. It would be surprise if American Fork didn’t go into the playoffs as the No. 1 seed.
Park City – Record: 7-1 (2 top-10 wins)
Despite having lost their first game in two seasons, Park City is mind blowingly talented. They have some of the best athletes in the state playing at every position and they have more depth than any other team in the state. They are lead by senior, Fresno State commit, Marina Mayo. She has 23 goals on the season and is sure to be in the All-American conversation. The Miners have scored 20 or more points in four contests so far this season. When Park City gets rolling they are tough to stop. Their next game will be against undefeated Brighton and it should be a fun game to watch. It should come as no surprise to see Park City challenging for their third straight state championship.
Brighton – Record: 6-0
The Bengals are in an interesting situation so far in the season. Their only top 10 game, American Fork, was canceled twice. They are undefeated thus far but are certainly not battle tested. Their first test will come against Lehi who is 6-1 on the season. Brighton is lead by senior, Fresno State commit, Tiffiny Wallace and freshman goalie, North Carolina commit, Kimber Hower. Wallace leads the team with 20 goals on the season and Hower has a phenomenal 60.47% save percentage on the season. So far, Brighton is only averaging 12 points a game. Their game is defense where they are only allowing 3.8 goals a game. It will be interesting to see how they manage a high scoring offense like American Fork or Park City. The Bengal’s last half of the season is a gauntlet. They will play at Lehi, at Park City and their final two games will be Olympus and Riverton. All four of those games are against top-10 opponents. Brighton has talent all over the field and could very well make another run at the championship.
Lone Peak – Record: 6-1
I have taken a risk here. I skipped the fourth ranked Herriman Mustangs on the list to put the fifth ranked Lone Peak Knights. Here is my case. Lone Peak is absolutely dripping with talent. They are lead by sophomore midfielders London Mohowski with 28 goals and Skye Rust with 25 goals. These two are one of the best duos in the state. Lone Peak also scores and scores and scores. They are averaging 16.8 goals a game, haven’t been held under ten points yet this season, even in their loss to Herriman. They also are holding opponents to an average of 3.8 goals a game. Their next test will be against American Fork in the last game of the season. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see Lone Peak playing in the championship come May.
The Contender
Herriman – Record: 6-0 (3 top-10 wins)
Herriman has quietly gone undefeated this season. They are lead by Allie Lambert who has 25 goals on the season. The toughest part of their schedule has yet to arrive. They will play American Fork, Olympus and Park City to end their season. They could emerge from their season as undefeated or they could end it with two losses. Either way, they are a real contender and could very easily defeat any of the “favorites” in the playoffs.
The Dark Horses
West Jordan – Record: 6-1 (1 top-10 win)
West Jordan has been very good this season. They defeated Riverton in a low scoring game and have some talent that has flown under the radar. They are lead by senior, Mia White who has 28 goals on the season. The Jaguars have only had one top-10 game so far this season and will only have one more against Lehi. West Jordan may not come out of this season as battle tested as some of the other teams but they have enough talent to pull an early upset. Keep an out for this team to make noise in the playoffs.
Riverton – Record: 5-2 (1 top-10 win)
Riverton is having a bit of a down year. They are competitive having defeated Olympus but they dropped big ones to Herriman and West Jordan. They are defensively sound which will help them come playoff time. They will have a shot at Brighton at the end of the season and if they can win the rest of their games before that, they could pull an upset and have some momentum going into playoffs.
The Underdogs
Jordan – Record: 4-3
Jordan has a quality win over Viewmont but has lost all three of their top-10 games. They will have a shot at Riverton, Woods Cross and Olympus, however. If they could keep those games close and pull out wins against Woods Cross and Olympus, they could very easily slide into a higher ranking.
Lehi – Record: 6-1
Lehi has a good record with their lone loss coming at the hands of American Fork. They are lead by Shea Munger who has 26 goals on the season. Lehi isn’t scoring in bunches and they are allowing and average 7 goals a game. They have a key match up against Brighton and end their season against West Jordan. If they can pull off an upset somewhere and blow out their other games, they could rise in the bracket.
Copper Hills – Record: 3-4
The Grizzlies have been competitive in their losses to top-10 teams. They lost to Herriman by one, Riverton by two and Jordan by one. They are on the cusp of being a serious contender. If they can bring it together soon, they will have a shot to move up in the rankings as they still play American Fork, West Jordan and Lehi this season. If they get rolling, they could turn heads in the playoffs.
Olympus – Record: 4-3 (1 top-10 win)
Oly is struggling against quality opponents so far this year. They are 1-3 against top-10 teams. They will get a chance at Herriman and Brighton still and if they are able to keep those games tight, we could see them rise in the rankings.
Alta – Record: 3-4
The Hawks are having a bit of a down year. They lost to Lehi, Brighton and Park City as well as Roy who has a losing record. Their next text will be against Olympus who won’t go down easy. If they can pick up quality wins against Oly and Waterford, they should be able to solidify themselves in the Class-A playoff. If they are unable to turn their season around, they may see their spot in the playoffs go to Bingham.
Bingham – Record 3-4
Bingham is currently, the top of the Class-B bracket. Bingham started the season winning their first three games. Since then, they have been on a four game losing streak. They dropped games to Herriman, Copper Hills, Riverton and Brighton; all playoff teams. They will get their shot at getting into the playoff as they still play West Jordan and Jordan this season.

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