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WCLA: Colorado State Leaves Town With 19-10 Win Over Ute Women's Lacrosse

Ute Women's Lacrosse Laura Hunter
Laura Hunter
The Colorado State Rams and Ute Women’s Lacrosse came out on Saturday to prove why both teams were touted so highly among the women’s lacrosse community. But, after the final whistle, Colorado State took a 19-10 the victory from the Utes.
With a fast Colorado State offense, the Utes had to quickly come back from their game earlier in the day against another strong team in Denver.
The attack from Colorado State started early, with Colorado State Senior Attack Caroline Caulson leading the charge for the Rams with an early goal that set the tempo and did not stop throughout the rest of the game.
“We came out strong and played aggressively and we passed the ball around and played strong defense; it was awesome,” Utah Head Coach Celeste Harding said after the game. “They were just a little bit more aggressive off the ball and they were a really fast team.”
The speed Coach Harding alluded to was exactly what they tried to prepare for in this Colorado State team.
Early and often, Colorado State came out firing on offense and blazed past this Utah defense for goals. Early in the first, speedster Senior Attack Maddie Garcia cut through the Ute defense, making the defense that so many teams could not figure out, look like a slow motion clip from a movie for a early Colorado State goal, a goal that really helped set the tempo for the Rams.
“We pushed through the pain and pulled off a win,” Garcia said after the game. “Our passing was amazing and we were able to find holes in their defense that led to points.”
It didn’t stop there on offense for the Rams, though. Their defense stopped one of the best offenses around, keeping the Utes to a relatively low 10 goals on the day.
“Their [Utah] attack is really strong, and we just love playing them,” Sophomore Goalie Natalie Dubas said. “We saw them play against Westminster and we knew it wouldn’t be an easy game. They’re a strong team in all aspects of their play.”
Utah did play well though. Even though they did not come out with a win, they had stretches of the game that made sure the fans in attendance did not forget all they have accomplished this year.
The Utes did a great job on capitalizing on opportunities. The Utes tried to make the most out of a game that really looked bleak at times. The very few mistakes Colorado State did make, they tried to make the most of. Just ask Utah Senior Tracy Souvall, who not only got a ground ball caused by a Rams turnover, but then had the presence of mind to pass it to her teammate, Sophomore Katie O’Neil for the Utah goal in the second half.
“We needed to be quicker and make faster passes,” O’Neil said. “We needed to take shots quicker and make more of them.”
With quick thinking and playing by the Utes at key times, plays that included Laura Hunter taking the ground ball after the draw and driving down the field like an exotic sports car on the Pacific Coast Highway for a quick goal became the norm more and more often as the game went on. The game that looked bleak at times for the Utes became one that you didn’t want to see come to an end just because of the possibility of a rally for a comeback.
The goalie play by both sides had their very high highs, too.
Both goalies managed back-to-back saves at one point or another in the game. It was really something watching the offense from both sides get two or more shots on goal, only to be denied by two more then capable goalies.
The quickness of Colorado State was just too much to overcome. Speed from the offense, lock down goalie play, and an overall better game plan led to these girls coming in here and snatching up another win, keeping the Rams undefeated this season.
The Utes are now 15-4 on the season. They still hold their season in the palm of their hands. With the playoffs in Boulder a mere two weeks away, they still have some games left to play that can easily build up more momentum they have going into Boulder.

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