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What The LXM Pro Tour is All About

The 2013 LXM 801 event has come and gone, but the history and purpose of the tour may be unknown to some. The LXM tour started in March of 2009 in Orange County by 5 guys; Scott Hochstadt, Craig Hochstadt, Xander Ritz, Max Ritz, and Kyle Harrison. This was following the closing of two Major League Lacrosse teams, the Los Angeles Riptide and the San Francisco Dragons. These two teams were a testament to the growth of the sport, stating that it had finally reach the West Coast. With high level lacrosse now non-existent in California, the founders of the LXM Pro tour saw an opportunity to not let the sport die on the West Coast.
“We cant just let there be no top level lacrosse here where kids can learn from. We all learned on the East coast from watching players like Gary Gait and Tom Marechek in person,” said co-founder Max Ritx. “You’ve got YouTube and ESPN which is great, but you’ve got to see it person.”
This desire to give the West Coast the opportunity to see top level lacrosse in person was why they started the LXM Pro Tour. Tom Garvey, a long pole who has been with the tour since the beginning, is very proud to be a part of the tour, and excited for where it is going.
“When it first started, LXM was a combination between lacrosse and music. There was always a concert involved. Now we are at the level where we are doing it around youth tournaments,” Garvey said.
Since its inception in 2009, there are now 12 stops for the tour, going as far east as Atlanta and Florida.
On the tour, everything is centered on growing the game and giving back. Every player on the tour is deeply passionate about the sport, and wants to see it continue to grow healthily. Speaking with Maxx Davis of the tour, he acknowledged that this is what sets them apart from any other pro lacrosse league.
“What sets us apart from the other leagues, like the MLL and the NLL, is we have this component of giving back and doing clinics with kids. That’s my favorite part,” Davis said.
These guys aren’t your prima donna, hot shot super stars. These are the kind of guys who will take players one-on-one and instruct them personally. And they will repeat until you understand it. And you can tell they love doing it. Watching Andrew Casimir instruct young long pole players, it was evident that doing the tour is what he loves doing.
“They were so excited about the game. Utah was my favorite stop on the tour for that reason. The crowd was amazing, everyone was supporting the event, and we ended up on Sports Center. You couldn’t script it any better than that. Being able to want to give back, it’s not like you are forced to do it, if you want to do it you can.”
That’s what the LXM tour is all about. It’s not about who has the brightest gear, or who can do the coolest move. It’s about enforcing the foundation that the sport was built on. It’s about taking a player, no matter the level, and helping him get to the next level. The Pro’s that are on the tour are excellent sources. These players have played at the top colleges in the countries against the top players. They then turn around and take time with younger players to help them achieve the next level of lacrosse. It is now the young players turn to take the knowledge they were given, and make Utah lacrosse better.
Sights from the LXM 801 Event
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