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Williams Takes Duel Coaching Role at UVU

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Dave Williams has taken on two head coaching positions at Utah Valley University. In September, Williams committed to coaching the newly formed UVU Women’s team. Weeks later, Williams was approached by the UVU Men’s team to be the head coach. After a week of debate, Williams said, “How about we try to do both.”
Williams grew up in Delaware, learning the game with an East Coast flavor which is something he passes on to his three daughters and two sons.
After high school, Williams joined the working world but eventually wound up in Utah to attend Snow College in 1989. After two years in Ephraim, Williams transferred to Utah State University where he eventually found the lacrosse team. Williams played for the Aggies for one season and had to forfeit another season due to other commitments.
In 1999, Williams was refereeing a basketball game and was wearing his Utah State Lacrosse shorts. After the game, players from one of the teams asked if he played lacrosse. The result of the conversation was Williams agreeing to be an assistant coach for Bingham under former Head Coach Stan Tschaggeny. Williams served as a defensive coordinator and goalie coach for the Miners. A year later, Williams started the Riverton program with only one player who had previous lacrosse experience.
“I had 33 boys show up,” said Williams. “The only game we won was our last one but it gave us good momentum going into the second year where we went 12-0 in the non-championship division.”
UVU LogoWilliams resigned mid-season in his third year at the helm for family reasons.
“I’d preached to my boys that family came before lacrosse and it was time for me to practice what I preached,” said Williams.
Williams has been absent from the lacrosse scene since 2002 but his interest was rekindled in 2010 when his oldest daughter wanted to play lacrosse.
“I was getting recruited to coach girls lacrosse so I learned more about the game,” said Williams.
Williams shortly found himself taking on two teams as the UVU Men’s Head Coach and the UVU Women’s Head Coach.
“Luckily the schedule was set for the Men’s team so I just scheduled the Women’s games around them,” said Williams.
Williams has also setup practices to run one after the other to minimize overlap and cut down travel time.
“This year is going to be a little crazy, a little chaotic,” said Williams. “We’re learning a lot and I hope to do both teams next year because it’s been great so far.”
Williams is hoping to build the foundation of the women’s team so that it will continue to function for years to come. In 3 years, Williams hopes to have the team in the playoffs and in 5 years, winning the Championship. Williams will have help in the endeavor with Kelsey Clayton and Sam Gunther taking on assistant coaching jobs.
On the men’s side, the goal is to make the team stronger and make it to Greenville, South Carolina, home of the 2012 MCLA National Championships.
Williams hopes both teams will grow to the point where every spot will have competition.
“Competition breeds success,” said Williams. “We’re hoping to have competition at every spot which will help our players get better.”
The men’s team will get underway on February 17 in Las Vegas when they face Western Washington followed by Cal State Fullerton the next day. The women’s schedule has not been finalized.

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